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1. Built-in browser

- Favorites
- Visited History
- Ads Blocker
- Torrent files and magnet links automatically recognized
- Any file download – Multi-stream support
- Proxy
- ✔ Web authentication (Pro only)

2. Full featured File Manager
- Support Samba(CIFS), FTP Client

3. Torrent

- Support external SD-card download (Lollipop)
- Network usage (WIFI, WiMAX, all networks)
- Save .torrent file (specific folders can be selected)
- Notification bar (Extended notification bar support)
- Actions for completed torrents – notification, move, media scanner, automatically remove (✔Pro only) / seed
- Port, uPnp & NAT-PMP port mapping
- Download / upload bandwidth and connection limit
- DHT, Local peer discovery, uTP, Peer exchange, Protocol encryption
- ✔ Watch incoming folder (Pro only) – Download automatically when a new torrent file is added.
- ✔ Proxy (Pro only)
- ✔ IP Filter (Pro only)

4. RSS feed

- Filter – keywords, regular expressions
- Notification – The new feed will notify if they match the filter.
- ✔ Auto download (Pro only) – The new feed will download automatically if they match the filter.
- ✔ The Lite version is limited to 1 feed and 1 filter.

5. WIFI File Transfer

- The feature to upload/download files from the web browser on your PC or other device.
- ✔ The Lite version is shown only 3 files.


6. Theme Support

- Dark / Light

7. Power Management

- Download only during charging.
- Download by the battery status.

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rohit setty review rohit setty
Awesome but need improvement...
This app is awesome, its fantastic. But I saw a big drawback and try to stop it. But its not possible.  When i try download a big file like greater then 4gb. Till 75% of its downloding is very fast, smoothly, awesome. But when we cross it (75%), its very irritating. Now at this point , i have downloaded apx 3.x gb, and its show a notification "FILE TOO LARGE". Its the big reason (notification) to decreased downloading speed to 0-1 kbps like nothing. I also send an email with full discription. Please fix it.
Milad Tanvir review Milad Tanvir
Only features that I can currently think of at the moment to request would be to have the ability of restarting downloads and queuing downloads
Brad Davis review Brad Davis
Tried everyone but this one. and was amazed that U can download 2 SDcard.others block theirs.This by far the best one I have found. The BEST. T.Y.
Dipesh Chhantyal review Dipesh Chhantyal
I loved it
Because this apps really good for download
Yanowman review Yanowman
Not as pretty
Definitely not as pretty as the top dogs.... But does just as good if not better job at torennting
Sudesh Kantila review Sudesh Kantila
Great App
All the great features with no cost. I love it.
Udit Chauhan review Udit Chauhan
Good torrent downloader
It would be better if we can control download speed limit.
August Gress review August Gress
Serious issue
Why in the world would you not allow people to set the upload or download limit below 100kBps, that's idiotic. You should have full control not a crappy slider that has absolutely no granularity. Simply ridiculous. This needed a fix like yesterday.
James Hoey review James Hoey
forget the rest... this is the dogs [email protected]#( s
akande kolawole review akande kolawole
I wish there were 10 stars, the best torrent app
Moley Webb review Moley Webb
Zeta torrent
Look no further, this is the ONLY torrent downloader you need !
Byron Barr review Byron Barr
luv it
exactley!! what one needs!!!so long utorrent...didnt work right!!
riyash kholi review riyash kholi
Sadat Khan review Sadat Khan
Its not working in my redmi note3
Phil Forward review Phil Forward
Мне нравится
Как по мне самый лучший торрент клиент, бесплатный и многофункциональный. Из минусов то что на английском языке.