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Truck Simulator USA
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Want to know what driving an 18 Wheeler feels like? Truck Simulator USA offers a real trucking experience that will let you explore amazing locations. This American Truck Simulator features many semi truck brands, with realistic engine sounds and detailed interiors! Drive across America, transport cool stuff such as vehicles, gasoline, gravel, food, and many more… Become a professional truck driver and enjoy the career and the online multiplayer mode!

Drive Across American, play Truck Simulator USA!

The best Truck Simulator 2017!

• Many American Truck brands
• USA, Canada and Mexico
• Different climate locations: desert, snow, mountain, city
• Improved Controls (tilt steering, buttons or virtual steering wheel)
• Manual Transmission with H-Shifter and Clutch
• Realistic Engine Sounds (V8, Cummins, etc..)
• Lots of trailers to transport
• Multiplayer Mode and Career Mode
• Visual and mechanical damage on vehicles
• New weather system (snow, rain, sun...)
• Request new trucks or features on our Social Pages!

Truck Simulator USA APK reviews

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Trenton Lowe review Trenton Lowe
Hate this game
I really love this game and feels like driving in reality on the US roadways. According to my opinion, this game stands No.1 in ranking on Google play store as this game has highly advanced features plus lots of trailers to take delivery job. I would like to add thunderstorm lightening while raining by the developer in the next update. Thanks a lot to the developer for developing this awesome and mind blowing game.
Marcus Buck review Marcus Buck
First off good game. Controls work well with tilt.. One thing I would like to see added it a sensitivity adjustment for moving the camera. Also Its just wierd watching cars take 90° corners like there on a rail always smashing my truck with thier rear end at lights but hey its free. Will gladly pay for it if it can get any closer on par with that awsome pc version. O and custom paint jobs
louis mincey review louis mincey
I think the graphics can be a little bit better but I do like it and the side mirrors on the door can be clear, the engine don't sound right and also for the engine brakes you should have an on and off switch so therefore when you let off the acceleration the engine brake automatic come on, besides that I love this game. Now the game lag too much even on medium and I have a Note 4
Jamie Lofthouse review Jamie Lofthouse
The game play it brilliant and the graphics are good. There are something that I am not happy about the rain dose not Form on the windscreen of the truck just on the side windows. I would like to have more heavy trailers and the AI could so with some work on it. Over all the game has lots of potential just need some more work.
carl jackson review carl jackson
Robbed. Had to Uninstalle due to my truck flipping and I couldn't get it to flip over so I Uninstalle and even though game is linked to my Google I lost everything. Epic fail.
Tom Scott review Tom Scott
Ok the game is awsome but there are still some problems that needs to be worked on. One of the problems are that when u drive the tires make a squealing sound and truck starts doing some sliding around on the road and it takes forever to get up to speed and the rpm meter bounces back and forth. And the steering glitches and it causes me to reck. Also the gas pedal and brake doesn't want to stop and break some times but the game is good.
Jayvie cris Alvarez review Jayvie cris Alvarez
EuroTruck has better graphics.the only thing better in this is having bigger maps.. Visual controls just got worse..side mirrors non accessible unlike eurotruck though it wouldve been better if the buttons was located somewhere not covering mirrors view..and still no drivers hands and water or snow drops..and i would prefer having dual connection via server(online network) and a lan connection via hotspot..just dissappointed..;(
Brandon Overton review Brandon Overton
Lol my phones little crack, and really I mean it's bad can't see the game that good... But from what I've played, the games bad ass. I love it but I don't like how the new trucks cost 5 times more then the others do but I can deal with that.. But now this I don't at all like and that's how the truckers always say the same thing over & over. Change that and make it to where I can get gold without Gavin to really pay money outta your pocket to but it.. Do those two things and Damon you'll have (1 )of the "most fun". "Real-like-game" in the world and then. (truck- simulater ) & (CAR-X DRIFT RACING).. Will be the to MOST Real & Coolest GAMES I've ever had the Chance to play... I thank you and the people who made these two games very much.. He'll I hope you'll make games like that for play-station-2&3&4 & XBOX 360 & XBOX-1
Zak Schommer review Zak Schommer
I can't load any maps to even start the game
Endika Lubis review Endika Lubis
Be more realistic
soud ahmed review soud ahmed
Environment change bug there please fix it
Sniperbat 97 review Sniperbat 97
The game is ok, it's just that the main menu keeps lagging on me, it makes it hard to select something when entering multiplayer, could the main menu be fixed a bit for it not to lag?
Aloysius Joseph review Aloysius Joseph
Great Game, but bugs er there
Patrick Ludden review Patrick Ludden
Love the game wish they would come out with some day cab trucks with oversized loads n more accessories for trucks like lights