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Thermometers Puzzles
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Thermometers Puzzles is an original puzzle game, inspired by picross, sudoku and battleship solitaire. In each level, you need to properly fill a grid of thermometers with mercury. Numbers on the side of the grid tell you how many cells must be filled on each row and column.
Solve the 960 levels with logic only: no random moves!

- Hundreds of levels
- Unlimited free hints
- No rush: play at your own pace, start a level and complete it later
- Beautiful and minimalist design
- No Ads
- Clear instructions to learn the game basics
- Multiple grid sizes for varied difficulty
- Ability to zoom in and move the grid for smaller devices
- Landscape and portrait modes to play on any phone or tablet

Thermometers Puzzles APK reviews

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M Class review M Class
Starts off fun but quickly loses any sense of logic. Once you reach the 8x8 grid about level 20 or so you can see that the Devs ran out of puzzles and must have used a random generator. Because of this levels become impossible to solve with pure logic and require one to guess placements. Ruins the game by taking it from relaxing, pattern based play with strategy to guess and check/fill in the blanks.
Joshua Tenpenny review Joshua Tenpenny
Well implemented, good difficulty for casual play. The limitation that each can be filled only from the bottom changes the logic from standard picross. None of the puzzles I've done have require guessing or advanced strategies, even at higher levels.
John Skeats review John Skeats
Simple concept and rules that yield puzzles that make you think. I would love the game if it weren't for the fact that I hate the fact that it keeps moving the game around when I try to mark multiple spots in a row. I've played the game on all size devices and never found a need to move the game, so why include such an annoying control?
Kostas Adamopoulos review Kostas Adamopoulos
Very well made, simple rules but doesn't get old. I usually get bored of most games or finish them too quickly but this has been on my phone for months now. The lack of ads is refreshing too.
David Rodwell review David Rodwell
Great little game that keeps you hooked, I keep saying just one more. Like the fact that it's all based on logic, haven't had to guess once, although sometimes takes a while to find the next logical. Also great no ads, so recommend playing this if you like puzzle games. Hope there will be updated puzzles as nearly finished all sets.
Kelly Robbins review Kelly Robbins
Absolutely love this game. Really makes you think, but is relaxing at the same time. I like that there aren't any timers. The only part I don't like is that I have a difficult time putting it down sometimes. I keep saying,"Just one more."
BingLi224 review BingLi224
Standard logic puzzle
Everything is good, but there're patterns to get solutions, which is not challenging. An alternative can be the fastest play to solve the puzzle?
F. Amily Bradford review F. Amily Bradford
Fun little logic game
Lisa Weeks review Lisa Weeks
One tiny but...
Enjoying this, it's like a cross between hanjie / nonogram and battleship solitaire....but.... can we get rid of the "hint spot that appears to say that the row is incorrect when you have to click twice to fill in a blank - or at least an option to turn hints off....if I've just not found the option then could someone tell me where it is pretty please ?
Aughts Sthgua review Aughts Sthgua
Beautiful. Reminds me of my favorite puzzle game on iOS, Jabeh. If I had one request, I would love if you could fill to a point on the thermometer by swiping from the bulb, and mark an area empty by swiping from the tip. (I now see that there is a swipe function, but it's pretty hard to use)
Marija N review Marija N
Exactly what i wanted. No guessing, no adds. Simple, but requires thinking. The only "but" i have is that if you want more levels you have to pay, but that isnt that unusual and a lot of levels are free
Tronsta review Tronsta
Great logic game. So far I haven't needed to guess to beat a level. That would be bad as it would trivialize the gameplay. But great thinking game that can be beaten with church logic rather than just hoping you did the right move.
Paul Goble review Paul Goble
Simple, relaxing, challenging.
This game has super high ratings for good reason. No unnecessary cuteness, just gentle logic challenges.
karina oktavia review karina oktavia
I already finished it even the lock level. Already download the update and finish the new level. Now, I uninstalled this game and installed it again, so I can play this game from the beginning.
Sue J review Sue J
I love this game. It's quite easy but not boring. Similar to picross, although I prefer this game. It's bubble gum for the brain! Edit: For those saying it's too easy I have a fix (of sorts), certainly a way to make it a little more challenging and still able to be solved by pure logic. I only fill in negative blocks (the empty parts of the thermometer) until I can solve a whole line, then I fill in the positive blocks of that line. :D