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"You said it and we listened. The new and improved Taco Bell app is here!

App Features:
- Customize your favorite item
- Schedule a pick up time
- Favorite & share your go to items
- Quickly reorder your go to meal with “Fast Favorite”
- Track your order

Additional Features:
- Browse locations
- Opt in to notifications and receive status updates about your order in real time
- Add and use Taco Bell Gift Cards

Download and stay a while. Welcome to the new Taco Bell App!"

Taco Bell APK reviews

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Delia Dudley review Delia Dudley
This App is convenient for me don't have to in the line
Herminio Acosta review Herminio Acosta
Richard Sweeney review Richard Sweeney
App is unstable and crashes frequently.
The app also does not always allow you to submit your order making it completely useless as this is it's whole point. The stores will not honor offers when app is messing up making a bad customer service experience.
slayterhater review slayterhater
Huge Disappointment
Ordering through the app is a waste of time. The whole point of ordering ahead is so you can pick it up immediately. I got to the store and still had to wait an additional 20 minutes. I usually love Taco Bell but the horrible ordering system is changing that.
Morton Fox review Morton Fox
The sign up process in this app is user-friendly, although attempts to be hip and modern actually make the overall app layout a bit harder to figure out. There are two issues though. Firstly, the menu for a particular location takes a long time to load. Secondly, once loaded, the menu does not display item prices up front. That is the bigger frustration of the two. Presumably, the app already has all the price info because it doesn't need to contact the server any more to display the price once I add an item to my order. So why doesn't it show at least the base price of each item in the main list? I understand the normal use case for this app is for people to add items willy-nilly to their order and then see how much the damage is, but I'm not like that. So this app forces me to add items to my order just to see how much those are. Add, remove, add, remove... this process was so bothersome that I simply quit the app and went to the counter instead.
Ian Whitton review Ian Whitton
Notification spam
I like the app, but it gave me a spam notification without being opt in. Normally I uninstall them the second this happens, but I don't want reinstalls to add to your download numbers. Please set an example, and remove this from the app unless I opt in, not out. Now it seems they keep making it worse. Why do I have to sign in? Why won't it let me do the [email protected] so I know who they sell my address too? Further, when I sign in, implying I used the app before, you still take my time to "teach" me.
Glenn Jackson review Glenn Jackson
Does work.
Works just fine. Note that once you place your order, no one makes the food until you say that you are there, either in the drive thru or as a walk in customer.
Kim Palm review Kim Palm
Mobile ordering not that great
I used the mobile ordering thinking the food would be ready when I went to pick it up but they make it when you get there which is disappointing. You also have to specify what meats you want on your order even if the entire combo is selected which is confusing. Don't think I'd use this again to order
Yang Scatter review Yang Scatter
I thought it was like a order amd delivery type thing, but guess not...What is the point if ordering online and going to pick it up when you still have to wait for your food...Might as well as just go there in the first place and than ordering it...Save some time and dont bother downloading the app...
Daniel review Daniel
Takes your money even if canceled!
We were trying to place an order using a gift card and decided to change the order and had to cancel and make a new one. Well we didn't realize they didn't instantly reimburse the money. No idea when it will come back.
Gustaf Avelis review Gustaf Avelis
Good App
Its a bit slow, even on 4g. But it works great. My only gripe, lack of a feature to pay with cash at pick up instead of forcing a credit or debit card to be used. Other then that love it for ordering a good burrito with no rice. :)
Hector Acevedo review Hector Acevedo
8/16/15 UPDATE: Still sucks. It can now tell my location but sucks at everything else. Useless. The only thing I can do is look at the menu which I can do without the app. For some reason it thinks that I live on Christmas Island. It lets me select my local Taco Bell but it thinks that I'm over 10,000 miles away because I somehow live on Christmas Island. Worst app ever. The design sucks too. It's not at all intuitive like a food ordering app should be. Stop trying to look cool and be functional please.
Angela Tibbott review Angela Tibbott
Dont use
I downloaded it so we could all order at work and wouldn't have to take in a huge list. When I got there I had to submit that I was there and there is nothing to push that says you are there. So they said they would take care of my order and just comp it off. Then the app charged me five times for the order so instead of paying $33 I pay $33 5 times. Wont use it again.
Joe Fitzgerald review Joe Fitzgerald
Bell. Phone. Love.
Three words: ghost pepper sauce. If this app makes it easier for me to get my ghost pepper sauce on EVERY food item I order without waiting for a cashier to figure out how to do it at the register, I can't help but love it. That being said, the app gives you a lot of different add on options that you may not even be aware exist. Avocado ranch nachos bell grande with jalapeños and red sauce? No problem. It performs well so far as I can tell. Just make SURE to check your order if you order add ons.
Della Robinson-Hill review Della Robinson-Hill
I wanted to receive my freezer for $1.00 as it says on the app because I am purchasing thru thethe app and was never able to do so. I had to pay full price to get the freezee. That was a bummer.