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SideSync is a new PC-Mobile solution that enables screens, windows, and data to be shared easily. Share between a PC and a Galaxy smartphone, or between a Galaxy Tab and Galaxy smartphone.
You can see exactly the same screen displayed on your smartphone or tablet on the other device. Then drag and drop files, type text messages on your keyboard, and much more.

■ Instructions
1. Install SideSync on your PC and your Android device.
- PC: SideSync is pre-installed (
2. Run the software on your PC and your Android device.
3. Connect your Android device to your PC with a USB cable or connect the devices to the same Wi-Fi network.
4. If you previously used SideSync with your PC and device connected to the same Wi-Fi network, SideSync will automatically reconnect using the same settings for added convenience.
*) Please refer to SideSync Help for more details.

■ Features
1. Mobile Phone Screen Sharing
- You can use Screen Sharing to mirror the screen of your Samsung Android device on your PC screen. You can also control your Android device from your PC.
- Easily navigate to the desired screen by using Favourites on the Dashboard.
2. Keyboard & Mouse Sharing
- In Keyboard & Mouse Sharing Mode, you can use your Android device as your PC monitor and control the device easily using the PC's keyboard and mouse. Try using your device and PC at the same time.
3. Helpful Features
- You can receive your device's notifications on the Dashboard in real-time.
- You can easily share URL(Note 2, S3, S4)s between tdevice using the Internet sharing feature, and open them on your PC or your device.
- You can seamlessly transfer music or video playback from your device to your PC.

■ Supported PCs
- All PCs (OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10)

■ Supported Android Devices
- All Samsung Android devices with a supported OS (Galaxy smartphones, tablets)
· Supported Android OS: KitKat and above

■ Supported Models
- Mobile phones running Android KitKat or higher, and are model S3 or later (excluding some models in certain regions) are supported. Some features may be unavailable depending on the device.
- Tablets running Android KitKat or higher can be connected to a mobile phone. Connecting tablets to a PC is supported from Android Lollipop onward.

■ Restrictions
- Some features may not function properly on the Note 2 NE6 version. Please upgrade your device to the latest version before using SideSync. You can check your device's software version by checking the last 3 digits of the build number in Settings > More > About device.
- Drag & drop file moving is not supported for models released prior to Galaxy Note 3 (Note 2, S3, S4).
- Certain features, such as the smart phone's NFC and sensors, may not function identically on mirrored tablets or PCs.

■ Permissions
The following permissions are required to use SideSync. You can use SideSync without allowing optional permission.
[Required permissions]
- Phone : Read phone status through Call forwarding
- Microphone : Directly call through Call forwarding
- Contacts : Find accounts on the device during Call forwarding
- SMS : Read and send text messages
- Storage : Read and send the contents
[Optional permission]
- Camera : Scan QR code

SideSync APK reviews

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Daniel Tran review Daniel Tran
It works...most of the time.
Occasionally when I try to connect, my laptop will simply refuse to look for devices. The program that opens on the laptop will simply show a blank screen and I will be unable to connect to anything unless I restart my laptop. But otherwise, it works pretty good!
Xavier Yheulon review Xavier Yheulon
Won't connect my Note Pro to my GS5
It is a very hit or miss situation every Single time I try and use this and have no clue as to if there is anything else that could be done to fix the issues going on with this App!
Dennis van Beekum review Dennis van Beekum
Not working on Galaxy S5 NEO
It was working great on my Samsung S4, but now on S5 NEO, only the dashboard works, not the phone screen. Do not know if this is a known issue or not. Have installed latest version on both Win7pro and phone. PLEASE Fix Update: Tested on Windows 10. Same result... Not working phonescreen
Sahand Bagheri review Sahand Bagheri
On Windows 8.1 and galaxy pro 8.4 doesnt work
I have tried so many times, it definietly need some improvments. Sometimes I cant get devices sync and when they are sync, I got an error that says try again. It seems laggy.
Aman Mahadeshwar review Aman Mahadeshwar
Please release the MAC OS X client. You're totally leaving us out.
Ivan Skocibusic review Ivan Skocibusic
Doesn't work at all after the update
Updated and and messed with it for. hours trying to get it to work. Just searched for devices and eventually doesn't find any via WiFi now it doesn't even work via usb. Reset it, uninstalled, cleared cache, data, nothing helped. Two stars for effort Was a very helpful app, thank you and will update review.
Derek Scott review Derek Scott
Brilliant nut has to be manually launched to connect to PC
This is brilliant but why doesn't it run as a background task when the phone is booted up. Have to manually launch on phone before it connects to PC
Floyd Reeves review Floyd Reeves
Samsung Note Pro 12.2 sound during call from Note 4 is horrible...
Updated Samsung Note Pro 12.2 to Lolipop and latest patches..nd when everything was working during calls from Note 4 the Samsung Note Pro 12.2 sound horrible during the call...when it worked fine before.
Jovanny A Rodriguez review Jovanny A Rodriguez
App to SDcard.
Please add the ability to be able to move the App to the SDcard. Thank you.
Adam Locklin review Adam Locklin
Doesn't work... worked fine before update!
Adam Knee review Adam Knee
Some features seem to work
The keyboard and mouse sharing works over both wifi and usb. File sharing works over usb only. Screen sharing doesn't seem to work at all (over wifi or usb). After clicking 'Phone screen' on my desktop, it ends up trying to permanently connect to the device but never seems to get anywhere. On wifi connections, the desktop app keeps telling me to connect the device over usb to improve connection quality. You only need to tell me once, after that, it just gets annoying.
KS Ding review KS Ding
Keyboard not function
The keyboard on my tablet will not pop out to type on my phone
Fawaz Al-Ghunaim review Fawaz Al-Ghunaim
Dear I sent you an email and share my problem but I didn't get reply yet !!!
Brent Hopkins review Brent Hopkins
No Video
I was using it go watch the NFL mobile app on my computer and I hear the audio, but no video. So not really useful.
Will Conner review Will Conner
Getting better! But seriously, keyboard input has to be able to deal with lag better. I look like I'm typing drunk. Input packets should be able to arrive out of order and be assembled in order. This is TCP/IP guys, c'mon. USB, totally unreliable.