Samsung Video Library APK

Samsung Video Library
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You can browse and play video contents.
It also provides clear and straightforward layout, when you select Samsung Video Player for playing video clip,
it may provides seamless user experience.

[Major Features]
■ Viewing
□ Videos / Folders Tab
□ List / Grid View
□ Search
□ Sort by - Title / Time
□ Sort by Order
- Ascending / Descending
□ Support pinch to zoom
- Using multi-touch you can enlarge thumbnails
□ File Tag (360 video, DRM, Slow motion and Hyperlapse video)
□ Resume position card
- It shows the last video you played

■ Managing
□ Provides Editor/Delete on video content(You can download Video Editor)
□ You can share video content with friends via various sharing functions that device supports
- Email, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Direct, YouTube ...
□ You can select and move contents if multiple folder exists
□ You can rename a file
□ You may select video content then delete or make it private**
** - 'Private' functionality available if the device supports any of the following
: Secure Folder, Private Mode or KNOX service.

* Supported device : Samsung Galaxy Series (some models are not supported due to hardware dependency)

*********Regarding the App Access Privilege*********
To provide quality service, the app needs below app access privilege.

You can use basic function of app without consent of Optional App access privilege.

- Mandatory Access Privilege

. Storage: The purpose is to access/manage local video files.

Samsung Video Library APK reviews

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Joshua Craggs review Joshua Craggs
It was very good before. I used to use it to stream to my Xbox. But suddenly it shut down and uninstalled itself, now the smart view option is gone! What happens!
Shaheen Ahamed review Shaheen Ahamed
Please add seek gestures. Really handy and so smoother. Would be perfect with seek gestures if added.
Danilo Romero review Danilo Romero
Better than any other! To me!
mohammed hussain review mohammed hussain
Video player
No auto next sorry that's y only 3 stat
성석진 review 성석진
Stable and necessary app for me
Stacey Plotts review Stacey Plotts
I like it plus the default camera/video app that came pre-installed on my Samsung S8+. Both work great!
A very good video player app with very efficient codecs for smoother video playback
Fakhruddin razwi review Fakhruddin razwi
Very much video aaps
Gede Cahya review Gede Cahya
Good enough
Arif Hussain khosa review Arif Hussain khosa
Please new update player please I'm waiting
Xavier Chavarria review Xavier Chavarria
Was perfect until recently updated. Now whenever I play the music in slow motion like 0.5 the audio sounds distorted and horrible.. it was better the way it was prior to it being updated.
Mark Marasigan review Mark Marasigan
The old Vers. Was alot better where i could edit. Now i cant even play my video and when i renamed a file, it just made it inaccessible and so i had to delete it. This app sucks ):(
Robert Cooper review Robert Cooper
jose amaya review jose amaya
This sucks. Before any updates you could just view a video you made and hit edit and it had an option with the Video Editor app through Samsung and could edit them, but now any video I make with the damn phone keeps showing an not compatible with the Video Maker app with Samsung.. go back to the other formats you fools
Yoileana jimenez review Yoileana jimenez
The last version was better. I cannot add caption now or change video speed