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Extend your mobile contents onto your Samsung Smart TV and The FRAME TV

With the all-new Samsung Smart View app, you can enjoy your personalized Smart Hub experience on your smartphone or tablet with all the benefits of touch. Browse across your favorite live TV and streaming apps more. Discover and launch your movies, shows, sports, music or games directly from your phone without interrupting your viewing experience on the TV.

New features of Smart View include:
1. A brand new user interface that unifies your experience across all devices
2. Direct access to your favorite apps on the mobile phone without interrupting TV playback
3. A completely re-designed soft remote that is always accessible
4. Direct deep linking to your entertainment apps including sports, music and games
5. Ability to turn on the TV in Standby mode (Wake on Wireless) for supported models. Need Bluetooth to be ON on the mobile device or tablet.
6. A new game controller
7. An art mode navigation & setting menu for The Frame TV users, to customize Arts or Photos

Supported Smasung SmartTV models*:
. 2011 : LED D7000 and above, PDP D8000 and above.
. 2012 : LED ES7500 and above, PDP E8000 and above.
. 2013 : LED F4500 and above (except F9000 and above), PDP F5500 and above.
. 2014 : H4500, H5500 and above (except H6003/H6103/H6153/H6201/H6203).
. 2015 : J4500, J5500 and above (except J6203).
. 2016 : K4300, K5300 and above.
. 2017 : ULS003U
* Supported TV models may vary by region.
* Art mode navigation is not supported for tablet models.

Required Permissions:

Storage: Required to access the local photos, music and videos on your phone to cast to TV from the app
Wi-Fi: Requires Wi-Fi access to send contents on the phone to TV
Phone Status: Required to check if network is connected
Internet: Required to connect to external content server

Optional Permissions:

Location (Coarse): Discovers TVs in proximity (2016 and 2017 TV models)
Bluetooth: Needed to turn on TVs in Stand By mode (2016 and 2017 TV models)
Record Audio: Needed to send voice commands from the app to TV
Vibrate: Needed to provide tactile feedback when using the app
Wake Lock: Needed to prevent the phone from sleeping while using the app

*You can only change permissions for the App if your device is running Android OS version 6.0 or above. Please check if an OS update is available for your phone and upgrade to Android 6.0 or above.

*Some features of Smart View may be limited by region and release schedule, and Samsung does not guarantee that all features of Smart View will be available in all regions.

Please contact us at [email protected] for feedback and help.

Samsung Smart View APK reviews

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Cody Cook review Cody Cook
I have been on Android Oreo for quite awhile now... And I bought my brand new Samsung TV (Q8C) months ago. Your release process for app sucks and this is the first time the app has worked since. Excited to use this app but hopefully if there's a bug, Samsung will fix within the year. Edit. 3/15/18: just found a graphical display issue in the app. A slider between 123 and the directional pad is on top of the home button. Let's see how long it takes to fix.
Aaron Bulak review Aaron Bulak
Finds my 65" curved TV but won't connect. I'm on a pixel 2 xl on Android 8.1
Kenneth Crowe review Kenneth Crowe
Excellent great with my 2017 55 inch Samsung Smart TV... The only complaint I have is with TV and it's that when you use voice control it will only do whole numbers on an example, if you say "channel 68" It does fine, but if you say "channel 68.1", Get dat find. I contacted Tech Support and I said it was not equipped to do that... that's not very SMART lol. The app works fine and mimicks the remote pergecty.
Chris Charlton review Chris Charlton
This is a great app, a great companion for my Samsung smart TV that will have me not worried about losing the actual remote, again. Except for one missing feature, a major one. Why can't this remote turn on the TV??? I know it's not impossible because if I go into YouTube I can select the TV to cast to even when it's off, and YouTube will turn it on and start playing my video. So why can't this app turn it on? Oh and I wish it could make me use the phone's keyboard for input at times. If it could do those then it's an easy 5 Star
Sarah Ziger review Sarah Ziger
I don't know what happened, but I can't use the remote function anymore. It will only let me share my screen to my tv. I only got this because we don't have the smart remote that comes with the tv and the universal remote we have doesn't allow us to go back to the previous screen when using the apps on the tv. Now I have to use the mirror function to even get it to recognize the tv. Change it back!
Voldemars Nilsons review Voldemars Nilsons
I never write a review, but this app is so horrible. By the time my phone has conected to the TV i am 90 years old. After using this app i have to go to 5 psychologists that try to talk me out of killing myself. I think that this app was made by Hitler Stalin Bin Laden and of course Trump.Sorry for the terrible grammer, i am writting this while i'm hanging myself.
Alycia-marie Dunlap review Alycia-marie Dunlap
This app is unreliable and inconsistant. It'll connect to my TV only when it wants to.. Yes, both devices are connected to the same WiFi. The internet router is in the same room as the tv and I have zero speed or connection issues with my WiFi in general. Its literally the app and it has been this way as long as I have had the app; about a year now..
Classroom Goddess review Classroom Goddess
Not really an "update"
While the new app makes it easier to show my mobile photos/videos/music on my TV, it no longer has the "return trip", so to speak. I do not have the ability to pause live TV so I used the app primarily to continue watching content when I had to walk away. I can't do that anymore. Nor can I use the app as a remote (which made navigating my television features much easier than with the remote it came with). Am in installing it. Let me know when you update the ENTIRE app.
sidney hoyle review sidney hoyle
This would be great if it actually worked.... It's so annoyingly unresponsive... When you use the Glide pad or the up-down channel button you wind up over tapping trying to get a response from the app to the TV and when it finally does respond the on-screen menu shoots way past where you we're trying to get to. Extremely frustrating and annoying I find this app almost useless because of it.
Bradley Hoffman review Bradley Hoffman
I used to love the app until update. i had smart view and quick connect was tied into my phone. Now they both seem to Be "smart connect" It shows that my tv is in range but when i connect it says wrong wifi. I back out try again and 50% of the time it will go throw but requires i enter a pin EVERYTIME I CONNECT. i use this as my main remote so it really sucks please help
Rishabh Jain review Rishabh Jain
It is OK much less useful than windows app
The app is ok, almost all latest Android phones are able to do this much. It will be great if app could control TV, I will give 5 star
Yaygen Mills review Yaygen Mills
28.00MB of space is unnecessary app can't even connect to anything. Stick on main screen stating that is searching but no print or directions or steps for the initial set up. So over all this app yes is trash and a waste of time and space. I would recommend a different app.
Aaron Stock review Aaron Stock
The app is now greatly improved. The old black background I hated. The overall look feels fresh and it's better suited with it's new look. Functionality wise I haven't found a fault as of yet, it seems to function well. I love the addition of disabling the track pad and using the dial pad instead, which I do prefer. I'm unsure as to why Samsung is still making use of this app when Samsung phones can now connect to Samsung TV's on their own via the notification screen, and even view their TV on their phone (like smart view 2.0 used to offer) - about time that was made available again.
Chris Sullins review Chris Sullins
Liked the last version.
With last version I could mirror the tv to my Note 3 and 4 with the IR blaster. Can't do it with the new app and the Note 5. That sucks.
Rosalyn review Rosalyn
Longest download ever but that was not a big deal. Takes a large amount of unnecessary space but again no big deal because I have massive storage available on my phone anyway. But after all that it tries to connect as if it's a bunny rabbit antenna from back in the day. I'm writing this review right before I delete this crappy app! Doesn't really work... don't waste your time.