Samsung Security Policy Update APK

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Samsung devices include technology (SE for Android) to help secure your device.
This technology uses a set of updatable policy files designed to help protect your device data.
As new threats are detected, Samsung updates the security policies on the device to prevent these new attacks.
This feature is always enabled and allows your device to be protected after a threat is detected, instead of waiting for the next scheduled software upgrade.

Installing this update ensures that you have up-to-date protections for your device.
For more on SE for Android or for tips on securing your device, please visit

Samsung Security Policy Update APK reviews

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Maureen Shipman review Maureen Shipman
Security Update
My accounts are freezing~Twitter..when I share or send a message. Facebook.. is slow loading. My mail loads slow and has a hard time connecting to the internet. When I uninstall these issues get better. Your update is horrendous!
John Hordell review John Hordell
Not happy
During update it has got to 51% and stopped. As a result some other actions on my phone has frozen. I have waited over 4 hours for this app to finish updating and before anybody mentions it yes I have plenty of available memory on my device.
gabbersbabe review gabbersbabe
For some strange reason my phone isn't allowing me to update any apps. I've already tried clearing all cache and data, and removing the SD card. I tried sending an email to Samsung but it came back stating that it failed permanently.
Phil Tyree review Phil Tyree
Fuckin junk
It has messed up my whole system on my note 2. Pops up at the stupidest times an if I go into my gallery if I hit share it's says gallery has unfortunately stopped workin an shuts my phone off. Before this was installed WITH OUT my permission I want am OPT OUT NOW
Matt Earp review Matt Earp
Update is crap
Ever since I updated 2 days ago I've had nothing but problems with my battery draining so fast (usually lasted for longer) and also my phone has become very slow.
Edward James review Edward James
Legitimate security protocols
For anyone who thinks this app is invasive, you're wrong. This app does the complete opposite. Protects from other invasive programs by limiting other apps from accessing areas of the phone they shouldn't. If you check the link provided in the description it explains how to turn security levels up or down. If you don't like it, go to XDA developer forums to find an OS you like and hack your phone. If you don't know how to do that then this update shouldn't affect you anyway. HACK THE PLANET!!!
Daniel Ortiz review Daniel Ortiz
Did you know that you can set your google store settings to NOT auto update. People who complain just dont know have to use their phones or even apriciate the hard work people put in to to keep our stuff secured.
Dale Alabaster review Dale Alabaster
Not malware.
Good grief, some people here are so computer illiterate they cannot work out that this is actually legit.
Mark Osmond review Mark Osmond
To the sheeple:
You make fun of people who don't trust Samsung, yet look what just happened with Lenovo. Corporations are machines designed to make money, and if screwing its own customers over is profitable, you can be sure Samsung is already doing it. I don't think Samsung is my enemy or Big Brother. But blindly trusting that a corporation will look out for your best interests is just plain stupid.
LiLi Conway review LiLi Conway
WoW so the lock screen is more flashy when I swipe to open now. Big deal. No longer get an audible notification for new text messages when the text app is open. From my info, the saved picture disappears and then reappears to disappear over and over again since the new update. Script kiddies write the code apparently.
Erik .C. Magnusson review Erik .C. Magnusson
Pisst off
I'm using a Samsung Galaxy note book 3. For some reason it deleted every thing I had on my knox mode. I never had any problems with my knox before this came along. It deleted almost 2 years of important work. Fix the damn thing
beatrix buetow review beatrix buetow
Don't need from Samsung
I'm neither an idiot nor conspiracy theorist, but I do know when my privacy is being taken without permission. Yes I can turn off auto update; doesn't always work with Samsung's preinstalled apps. Yes I can force stop - which ends up with my phone locking up, or apps freezing for no reason. The question remains why I don't have the CHOICE to use a security software of my own choosing. The question remains why I can't uninstall Samsung apps I don't want to use without compromising my privacy and phone!
shrey chaudhary review shrey chaudhary
Moreons n idiots.. Try this!!
This is not a malware. Secondly its in ur play store settings to auto update apps... Its preloaded in ur device and like other apps and games it is getting updated. To change dat change the settings of ur play store n swtch off auto updats.. Pagle angrez, motti buddhi..
Ashley Wiant review Ashley Wiant
It's a good thing
Not malware as some silly people are saying. This is a security update. Also for the people crying about how it is invasive and they didn't want have to agree to this in order for it to be on your phone so at some point your phone popped up asking you if it could add this and you checked yes, likely when the phone was new. If you didn't check it, the place you bought it from did it for you when they did the phone's set up.
Eric Johnston review Eric Johnston
Not happy
It started popping up on my phone a mo ago and everytime i accept it and update it and do as it asks i just keep getting the same message. This needs to be fixed. As soon as it is ill reinstall it and give it a better rateing. I dont care about everyones theroy or not. Just what goes on with my phone. JUST FIX IT!!!