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Samsung Members
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Expert support, community connection & exclusive perks.
Possibility starts here.

Discover your possibilities with Samsung Members.
In here, you'll discover just what you want, plus a whole world of other things you never knew you needed - until now :

■ Get insider tips to unlock your device's full potential

■ Easily review device diagnostics

■ Access exclusive events and benefits

■ Pose questions directly to the experts and
get 1-on-1 customer support

■ Connect and share with others in the community

(Availability and services offered above may vary by country and region)

※ Note:
This application requires network connection (Wi-Fi, 3G/LTE and so on). Additional charges may apply for network connection.

※ Access permission
Allow Samsung Members to the following permissions to diagnose and fix errors. Samsung Members may not work properly if the permissions aren't allowed.

[Required permissions]
Phone : Used to call Customer Service and check your phone number.
Storage : Used to attach an image or a video when sending error reports.
Diagnostic information : Used to create and save error reports.
Samsung account : Used to send error reports.
Location : Used to diagnose the GPS function.
Camera : Used to diagnose the Camera function.
Microphone : Used to diagnose the Microphone function.
Sensors : Used to diagnose the sensors.
Wi-Fi : Used to diagnose the Wi-Fi function.
Bluetooth : Used to diagnose the Bluetooth function.

[Optional permissions]
No optional permissions

Samsung Members APK reviews

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speakeasy review speakeasy
Not working again even after this latest update .. blank screen and when I go to about it says server error
Shane Larsen review Shane Larsen
As per other users, says connecting to server but never connects. Australian user
Nihar Gandhi review Nihar Gandhi
Not working at all...only connecting to server.
Charles Martha Musuka review Charles Martha Musuka
Does not work.
Nagendra Kumar Gupta review Nagendra Kumar Gupta
Nice app, but please add c series mobile also.
Eric Lacombe review Eric Lacombe
Cant disable this b1tch -__-
Krasimir Panchev review Krasimir Panchev
Device not supported...
I have the latest flagship phone, this app pops up for update and after I updated it comes with a message "Unsupported device"... WTF?
Kevin Phillips review Kevin Phillips
Works great
No problems with using the app. Galaxy s7
Peter Hardy review Peter Hardy
S7 Edge is STILL an "unsupported device"
Rod Chamberlin review Rod Chamberlin
Works on s7 edge
Rollan Hirano review Rollan Hirano
Unsupported device on galaxy s7 edge
Shane Owens review Shane Owens
My S7 is an unsupported device??? What devices are supported by this app?
Hamza Alhasan review Hamza Alhasan
David Norman review David Norman
Doesn't launch.
Isaí Yanes review Isaí Yanes
SGS7 Edge
No me permite registrar mi cuenta en la aplicación y en la pantalla de inicio únicamente se queda en "Hello Customer" a pesar de que ya hay una cuenta "registrada".. ya he escrito en la parte de ayuda y no me han resuelto nada..