Samsung Link (Terminated) APK

Samsung Link (Terminated)
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Samsung Link is no longer available.

Samsung Link (Terminated) APK reviews

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Tazandra Jacobs review Tazandra Jacobs
Doesn't work right anymore
After the latest device update, Samsung link updated ... and now it doesn't work properly anymore. It states I have an incompatible platform apk, and it does not auto backup anything and I constantly have to go in there and reset my settings to set up auto backup because it will disappear after I set it up. Please fix this asap! 2 months later, still doesn't work...
Angela Jones review Angela Jones
I had the same problem when I upgraded to my s6 edge 5.1.1. I googled it, and it said to download it from Galaxy Apps, which I did, and it works a treat now! Well happy!
Rickie Leggett Sr review Rickie Leggett Sr
Will not work anymore
Very bad application will not work and they will not fix the issue with app.
Mohammad Ahmad review Mohammad Ahmad
Error problems on galaxy tab mini 3
I can't install any app on the app store. The same stupid error (194) appears. PLEASE FIX THIS ERROR PROBLEM!!! And now this is my third time complaining.
Tasha Gloeck review Tasha Gloeck
My phone is stuffed
Since the OS upgrade it keeps saying "Samsung link platform has stopped" and the only option is to say "ok". I can't even open my phone gallery. Samsung/Android you need to fix this.
Richard Martinez review Richard Martinez
Samsung link
Samsung link does not work for me.
Tracey Elkins review Tracey Elkins
Not enough info to knw wat this is?
Don't use this app even tho it comes with my instructions jus wants to updates seem to be wrecking the enjoyment of having cell phones
Sam Iwatani review Sam Iwatani
Update Needed
After updating my phone an update is needed on this app too. So frustrating, programs not working!!!!! Update needed.
Jo Hart review Jo Hart
Why does it keep saying incompatible my galaxy s5 ? But then works
Steven Greenall review Steven Greenall
Samsung link
Great for playing my videos and music from my Samsung galaxy s 4 mini to my Samsung smart tv.
Henry Vindin review Henry Vindin
Caused clashes with some other apps, not sure what's going on behind the scenes but I'm hoping there's some public docos to tell developers how to avoid having their app break
ASIC Man review ASIC Man
Not work on note 4
Uninstall in 20 seconds
Jason Creppel review Jason Creppel
Bring Allshare Cast back!
I have Samsung smart tv and galaxy tab3 and all i would like to do is take advantage of the screen mirroring feature but now nothing. The 2 products do not work together as supposed to, therefore not worth having. Terrible. Samsung had better tighten up. Chromecast, Apple TV do not mind new customers.
it doesnt work, please fix it.
after i upgrade my S5, it keep popping up a message that samsung link platform stop. and I cannot open the gallery, what the heck~?
karen Hurst review karen Hurst
It doesn't seem to work on my tablet. Everytime I try to log in to add it its errors out.