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Samsung Calculator
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[Key features]
Perform simple or complex calculations.

Rotate the device to landscape orientation to display the scientific calculator.
If Auto-rotate is disabled, tap rotation button to display the scientific calculator.

To see the calculation history, tap HISTORY. To close the calculation history panel, tap KEYPAD.

To clear the history, tap HISTORY → CLEAR HISTORY.

[Additional features]
To use the unit conversion tool, tap Unit Converter button. You can convert various values, such as area, length,
or temperature, into other units.

* Unit converter feature is supported from Galaxy S8.

Samsung Calculator APK reviews

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Gurpreet sandhu review Gurpreet sandhu
You should add money converter also but happy to see that samsung is giving the best features to customers through software updates
A Google user review A Google user
Stopped syncing with MS Exchange account
Kalle Pettersson review Kalle Pettersson
Sadens me to see that people complain on dark theme gone and so on. Why can't you download a theme and apply it your self? 5 star from me and my dark/gold theme works perfectly
Gasper Santaguida review Gasper Santaguida
Lacks memory function. Considering that the first Texas Instruments calculator in the 1970s had it, Samsung should be able to pull it off. If it has one hidden, I can't see it.
Can't do too many operational once (20 is the limit) but otherwise works fine. I think Samsung should just ship their phones with Google's calculator app, as it is much better and features a material design. A featuer every app (especially oem apps) should have. However the unit converter feature is nice.
Sathira Katugaha review Sathira Katugaha
This calculator changed my life. It helped me pay my mortgage, make mends with my ex wife and buy that dream car I always wanted to. Would recommend to anyone
Henry Tregillus review Henry Tregillus
Just add some stuff like exponentials, sine/cosine, square root etc. As is I can do all of the stuff this thing does in my head.
Steve Hennessy review Steve Hennessy
Mediocre 3 star calculator. Lacks basic memory function for whatever reason. On the plus side it includes a scientific calculator and gave it an extra star for that.
Leonardo Corrêa review Leonardo Corrêa
So disrespectful that only S8 has this function. This is a very expensive cellphone (S7 here) stop doing this kind of ****. Last time I got something from samsung, heading back to Apple as soon as possible. People are not stupid. Stop being so mercenary and greedy, money wont get you anywhere.
Amresh Kumar review Amresh Kumar
What a cheap business policy! You really think this will motivate users buy S8 or do you expect users buy your premium device every year? You continue to behave cheap like this and I bet you will loose many customers. BTW, this wasn't expected from you and far better calculators with tons of feature are available in play store. Support features based on device capability not on device priority, learn this from Apple or be ready for your downfall.
Richard Haynes review Richard Haynes
Like everyone below, im very surprised you have made the unit converter only available for the S8. I have an S7e which is more than capable! I have 12 months left on my contract so I wont be upgrading to the S8 (unless you pay off my contract?) Lucky for you I wont jump ship as Apple is a worse phone. Make the unit converter available to S7 users!!
Richard W review Richard W
Why make features only available for the s8? I really start to HATE Samsung and things like does only shows they will do anything to get people to upgrade. Whats next? Making the device slower with a update?
hasan kharfan review hasan kharfan
This is just a calculator app , it does its job well , but there are some features that are NOT available for my device (which is a samsung galaxy s7) these features such as a unit converter would really help in day to day tasks in school or work. Please consider adding them
Ian Hoban review Ian Hoban
Your reputation is going to get worse by limiting app unless it's an s8. Support all models you currently sell. Or loose custom. Like many others have said cheap trick samsung. Word of mouth is a very powerful thing