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Rough Truck Simulator 2
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Rough Truck Simulator 2 is one of the most addictive and entertaining physics based driving game ever made. Which is the continuation of the first game. A more advanced version of Rough Truck Simulator. More realistic graphics, better controls, longer roads are waiting for you in new game. The interior view is much better than the Rough Truck Simulator.
Rough Truck Simulator 2 takes you on a journey through the breathtaking landscapes and widely recognized landmarks around the highways. Take the load with the heavy truck and take it to various places that are port, train station, mountain roads, airport etc. If you want to became a heavy truck driver and this is imposibble for some reason, you have to try this game.

- Enjoy the realistic sound effect and music
- Realistic truck physics.
- Realistic 3D graphics
- 3 different controller type
- Many realistic heavy trucks
- 12 different trailer type
- 3 different camera angle
- Also many features that will continue with updates

If you’re a simulator fan and you like games like Euro Truck Simulator or American Truck Simulator then Rough Truck Simulator 2 is your next adventure!

The best mobile heavy truck simulation game you can play right now! Have fun..

Rough Truck Simulator 2 APK reviews

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Raymond Morgan review Raymond Morgan
Wow! Freaking awesome, amazing, cool, all of those great words! Developers you guys did an awesome job on this game, but it could use more trucks and multi-player mode. I love the airbrake sound, but the engine sound could be better. I'm looking forward to the next update. Amazing job! Thanks for the great game! :) :) One more thing, can you expand the map (more cities, gas stations.) Please! Thanks! :) :)
Alfred Mwansa review Alfred Mwansa
This game seems to have potential but there are still a lot to figure out,whenever i open this game it keeps rebooting my phone i think you should first look on to this matter in you next update,i like the graphics it cool,please update.
Shayn Shakty review Shayn Shakty
The trucks should be able to steer at least 180° because if not, the trucks are constantly crashing... the graphics are good but blinkers, brake, and reverse lights should be shown emitted by the truck. There should be more trucks and more locations and also day and night cycle.....other than that, the game is just awesome
Prince Rahim review Prince Rahim
The game shut down in my phone, I use samsung galaxy grand neo plus Can you please fix it??
Babu Shine review Babu Shine
Game is mind blowing awesome guys i request please add map let us know where u can upload the trailer keep it up come with lots of simulator game keep rocking
Dedania Meet review Dedania Meet
Please add horn and add the map in screen and the handling is very poor at high speed it can't control and much more about all thing which trucker face
Sirat Production review Sirat Production
Nice game.. but u should add auto park option.. to park trailer back position too tough.. also add map they guide where we go.. which way we choose to reach our destination.. and brake is not vry good.. brake is little bit slow..
rajiv phuyal review rajiv phuyal
No auto park
But the best graphics I have ever seen
Katy Rogers review Katy Rogers
One of the better truck games would be good if they added large loads to make it harder and various different cargo loads
cory webster review cory webster
It keeps closing before it begins I'm starting to hate this dam game
Marc Pentland review Marc Pentland
Simple, cool and pretty realistic to play with various camera views for driving I like it
Rai Shahid kharal review Rai Shahid kharal
Nice game good work
Come with more new game they are cool
Salmee Jaffar review Salmee Jaffar
I like the sound signal