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Ordering your favorite pizza just got even easier: we’ve updated the app with exciting new features and enhancements.

• Added ability to reorder with only 5 clicks
• The full Pizza Hut menu offers all your favorite deals, specialty pizzas, pastas, WingStreet wings, drinks, sides, desserts and limited time offers
• Guest checkout allows you to order without creating an account
• Fast access to new menu items and local deals
• Place future orders up to 7 days in advance
• Find Pizza Hut locations near you
• Ordering functionality for U.S. residents only
• Pay with cash, credit card or gift card

Pizza Hut APK reviews

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Kira Hamoudeh review Kira Hamoudeh
Very fast, incredible delivery ppl, awesome food! Better than all the pizza places combined (other than going to a New York pizza parlor)!!!! Love this place! I've only had a problem with 1 person there- and I think they're gone now..... But corporate handled it very well and keep me a happy customer as well as a returning one! *That's what keeps businesses in business, people!*
Andrew Galus review Andrew Galus
Online ordering doesn't represent the offerings accurately of local restaurant. Placed an order for pizzas and one salad. Local restaurant didn't have salads, so called me up requesting credit card info to redo the order without the salad, or to reorder without the salad. You shouldn't have to give your CC to random pizza guy to modify your order you placed online. Sad.
Joshua Ortiz review Joshua Ortiz
It was pointless to download this I thought it would be different from the website but all it does is Route you to the website. I mean I guess if you are trying to order a pizza it works, don't get me wrong. So does their website though I don't see the point in having an app.
soft lobster review soft lobster
It used to have a great deals but now the prices are a little too much for my blood. I live right by a little Ceasars so it's pointless to order from pizza hut. The changes made my experience worse and the deals are terrible. Alright pizza for high prices doesn't interest me.
James C call review James C call
So it does work. Has some issues with the layout, and has frozen up needing to be restarted a time or two. It has been a convenient change from having to call and see what specials are and how much each item costs. Any way you put it the app is worth it
Gloria Smith review Gloria Smith
My and I love Pizza Hut! Been eating Pizza Hut for years & can never get enough of it. Now that I have kids of my own now,they now going to experience a great pizza place that has almost everything you would love to eat!
Tina Housh review Tina Housh
App was not difficult to use. Just products received was way sub par. Pasta dried out, upgraded to cheese sticks and they were burnt. To get 40$ of food that's sub par DOESN'T MAKE ME WANNA TRY YOU AGAIN
Katie Marie review Katie Marie
The app would not let me order a pizza. So I'm going to uninstall it and get something else for dinner because a large two topping pizza is twice the amount if I don't order it online. So they lost my business.
Allen Hook review Allen Hook
I tried using Dominos app to no avail.. errors and couldn't order... I downloaded this pizza hut app and am very happy.. I love the ease of setting up your 1st order (which I could not do on Dominos app)... thank you for a great simple, fast and easy to use app... you guys blow Dominos away!!! ?????
Daniel Brock review Daniel Brock
Dominoes pizza app is far better. Pizza hut needs a order tracker that shows the process of your pizza so you know when it's near complete. Not just give you a time estimate saying pizza while be done within 15 to 30 minutes.
Leo Lion review Leo Lion
Bad update
After the update today, nothing is working. It was working great before ????
taylor tehas review taylor tehas
Broken app
Won't load saved addresses for delivery. Not on my galaxy S6 anyway.
A Google user review A Google user
This app is terrible, there are some fancy graphics when you open it but it's really just a bad web browser that only takes you to Pizza Hut. If you make one mistake or try to change something it ruins your whole order and you have to start over again. When you try to start your order it asks you some weird questions about addresses. I couldn't even select cheese sticks because apparently the app doesn't want me to have them. On top of all that they just got hacked. I wonder why, since they don't let you use special characters in your password. Horrible app from such a big company.
GirlieGirl 1979 review GirlieGirl 1979
App works, ok, but if your trying to use deal or something, app gets tricky, it will always place items to where your cart is more. So make sure deals are getting added to cart. This happens all the time is not a glitch
eric hardt review eric hardt
App kept closing
I was attempting to order pizza for the family and the the app closed. Figured no big deal and tried again. Well after 6 attempts with the same results I almost threw my phone through the floor. Well I decided to go old school and just call the restaurant and had no problems. This app sucked and cost me a half hour of my life I will never get back.