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Photo Gallery HD & Editor
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Photo Gallery HD is fast, lightweight and the most stable gallery app, and making it the best alternative Android gallery app. Set password for your private album, easy to hide your private photos.
You can quick and easy to access all your photos and videos. It has utilized all advantage of your phone or tablet.
Photo Gallery HD set photo management and photo editing in one, is essential on your mobile phone photo tool.

Key Features:

- Ultra fast photos & videos viewer
- Automatically organize your photos by time, album and location
- Slideshow play picture
- Set password for your private album, easy hide your private photos
- Move photos
- Copy photos
- Share photos to social network
- Picture details
- Delete
- Set wallpaper
- Create albums
- Set as favorite
- Scan photos from SDCard.
- Viewing high definition photos

- Rich photo collage templates
- Free photo collage mode

- High quality photo editing
- Quick adjust
- Rotate
- Flip
- Crop
- Adjust colors
- Exclusive filters
- Doodle
and more.
Use simple, yet powerful

Photo Gallery HD & Editor APK reviews

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Sandra Conley review Sandra Conley
I don't mind some ads, but this app has multiple pop-up ads and videos for every operation. The videos with the blaring music are really obnoxious. Also, the cropping feature seems to be limited (in spite of being labeled free form). Uninstalling.
Lora Kaelber review Lora Kaelber
I'd rate this app a five if: 1. If it had the ability to share to all social platforms not just Facebook (e.g., Twitter); 2. If there was a paid version; and 3. If there was a finger scroll function for scrolling through your photos... And if that function also scrolled through showing the years; and 4. There was a batch select function.
jimmy baker review jimmy baker
The cropping capabilities are fantastic! Thats pretty much why I chose to use this app. I'm sure it does many other things just as well,but the cropping is what blew me away...
Paul Owens review Paul Owens
Please give me a week or more before you demand rating. How can I rate your app, when I've only taken one photo to test it ?
David Galan review David Galan
Immediately uninstalled because of blaring loud music ads every time I closed it. Pshh
Shae Pix review Shae Pix
It's OK and thing to improve on is
Needs more things and I think it's OK so if you improve it. It will look better and more people will get it. The ads need to go please can they be one app that does not have ads and you can delete thing if you want to most likely picture and read down and you will get what I'm talking about. Thanks if you do this for me and over people and you.
Samuel Cooper Lyngdoh review Samuel Cooper Lyngdoh
I would have rated this 4 star if not for the constant message redirecting me to google play for rating this app. Yes, I would love to rate this app it is otherwise good, smooth, with a nice interface but I don't want to be reminded everytime to rate this on play store.
Rob Frydryck review Rob Frydryck
Hate the ads
Why no buy option? Ads make this impossible to use professionally. I can't seem to make favorites on my SD card. But fish bowl photo can. Just going to keep using that
Alaine Tyler review Alaine Tyler
Good program. HATE the adds.
I use this program primarily because it lets me rename my photos. It gives me the other features I need as well. Would be perfect if I could get rid of the adds. Would even pay a few dollars, but don't see that option.
Gianni Lizzul review Gianni Lizzul
Real easy to use, save and find during and after working on your project.
S G review S G
Ads on Opening and Closing...
are intrusive!! the caption "you are leaving" is ABSOLUTELY pointless!! had to re-fresh for images to be displayed. un-able to re-name without clearing the file name first is frustrating to the point where I have un-installed. fix these problems and I will re-install and give a more favourable rating. at least it's possible to close the ads. though it should be advertisement free. going back to default gallery app.
trinity frazier review trinity frazier
Won't delete pics
This is a great app but every time I try to delete a picture it says it was denied by the OS or something like that so I can't delete any photos so my storage is full and I can't take any more pictures!
Dawn Day review Dawn Day
This is a great gallery for your pics! You can edit them 2!
Andrew Kramer review Andrew Kramer
Is there a paid version? I would gladly pay to get rid of ads!