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Papa John’s Pizza, the leader in desktop and mobile web ordering, now delivers with the best pizza ordering application for your Android device!

THE ENTIRE MENU - Our entire menu of delicious pizzas, sides, drinks, desserts, and extras!
SPECIAL OFFERS - All the online special offers and coupons from your neighborhood restaurant.
NO ACCOUNT REQUIRED - Order with or without a account.
ANYWHERE – Change your location and order from any Papa John’s in the USA.
PAY YOUR WAY – Cash or Credit Card.
ANY TIME – You can put together that order for lunch or this weekends party right now.
QUICK PICKS – Just want a large Pepperoni (Sausage, Cheese, etc), we have you covered!
FIND A PJ NEAR YOU – Use the Locator to find your neighborhood Papa John’s and give them a call or get directions.
PAPA REWARDS – Earn FREE pizza with our Papa Rewards program (account login required).
BEST OF ALL - The only native Android application that can deliver a genuine Papa John’s pizza!

Better Ingredients. Better Pizza. Papa John’s.

Papa John's Pizza APK reviews

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Thomas Bradford review Thomas Bradford
Spent 15 mins trying to order without success. Wouldn't checkout and kept asking to review cart... then re-enter info.. worst of all the pizza delivery apps
karen cummins review karen cummins
New app doesn't work, cannot order.
It keeps saying "not found" and I was going to use my texted cupon tonight. Instead going to your competitor. Sorry, please fix.
Walter Rees review Walter Rees
Would not allow to review cart
After choosing to pay with a new credit card, app displayed a message to review cart. No way to review cart from the payment screen, had to back out of the windows to the cart and checkout again. Went through the process 6 times with the same results every time before I finally gave up and ordered from web.
Zen Rhino review Zen Rhino
I tried using the app to order for delivery butt something is wrong. I don't know if there was an update and there's a glitch, but for some reason I had to sign back in again but it won't let me select my local store so I can't place an order. My information is still on file when I log in it won't let me pick a store
Jill VanEgdom-Stinnett review Jill VanEgdom-Stinnett
Easy to use and saves my info for easy ordering
vince kline review vince kline
Hate the update
Don't like the update... I have my address in and they delivered it to another address. Now That Address Is An My ACOUNT And can't get it out about to go back to Domino's
Amanda Hedges review Amanda Hedges
Could have faster delivery time. Everytime I order I have over an hour and a half to wait no matter what time of day it is. I do like the point rewards for free stuff and I would like to see more deal's for 2 large 2 topping pizzas at good prices. The pizza is always good. I never get desserts are drinks because of prices of everything.
Kris Knotts review Kris Knotts
Horrible update
Nothing saves. You have to enter info every time. Its time consuming. When you order a specific pizza, it should automatically add everything on the pizza. It's ridiculous. Fix this or I will delete app
Matthew Paul review Matthew Paul
Awesome papa johns! I don't eat pizza, but I'll start eating yours! Keep triggering those liberal snowflakes who live in imagination land and have a mental disorder since they crave being a victim and fabricating stories in their head. Glad to see more companies with sense coming out against this liberal insanity. Maybe you can help find a cure for em!
Keith McGowan review Keith McGowan
Most of the time the app works perfectly. We've run into issues occasionally where we can't select certain choices for one pizza that we can for another. Sometimes there's no issue at all, other times it'll happen again.
GREG Mac review GREG Mac
If I didn't know about computers and websites, could be difficult to use. I'm used to it now though. They're quick to deliver and we use Papa John's all of the time. Love the timer and notifications!
Corey Ingram review Corey Ingram
I tend to not care about the political views of most company owner's but this one seems to be far to vocal about his and i think his values are totally off. I cant support this company no longer.
Mat Stanley review Mat Stanley
I just ordered a pizza and when I got it, the pizza was smashed into the side of the box like it was thrown around. Still tasted good but it just wasn't visually appealing
Douglas McCormac review Douglas McCormac
Great app best pizza, reward system is great, excellent online deals. The app is usually very easy to navigate but I just updated and I can't choose my primary address for carryout or select my nearest store through th use my location function. I guess I'm getting Chinese tonight
Leann Mckeon review Leann Mckeon
Last time we used the app, our pizza didnt get put in oven. Our cheesy sticks were done, but had to wait while our pizza was made. Cheesy sticks were cold, and our pizza was not done fully. Crust doughy