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Naver Contacts & Dial
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Introducing all new NAVER Contacts app!

* Direct call to frequently contacted person.
* Search contacts of nearby places.
* Easier and more convenient back-up.
* Fresh and simple design.

※ New NAVER Contacts app (v.3.0) is available on Android OS 4.0 and after.

[Key Features]

1. Make a direct phone call to people that you frequently keep in touch with.
Check people that you frequently talk to in ‘Frequent’ section.
You can quickly find and make calls to your close friends and family without having to search.
Bring out Contacts app to home screen and make calls more conveniently.

2. Search for digits that are not only in your contacts but also of the nearby places.
“What was the number for that fried chicken place?” “Where was the drug store near our house?”
You can easily find out answers to these questions that are not in your contacts along with your contact list.
※ ‘Nearby search’ is only supported in Korea.

3. Back up your contacts more easily and safely.
Was the restored contact after backing up your data different from what it originally was? Are you confused between backup mode and sync mode?
Now, you will no longer be confused in the new Contacts app. Anyone can back up and restore the data easily. No more stressful situation where the old contacts that you had backed up years ago being mixed up with your phone contacts.
Without having to select the mode, simply backup and import the contacts whenever you need and you can also set to automatically export the contacts and import whenever you want!

4. Neatly organize your contacts.
You can organize redundant and duplicate phone number and email addresses and delete contacts without names or phone number.

5. Manage your contacts in groups and contact your friends in group basis.
Collect all your contacts and organize into groups. With a single touch, you will be able to send group mail and texts.

6. Bring out NAVER Contact as Widget to wallpaper and contact your friends more conveniently.
Create Contacts Widget to make call, send text and email all at once.

7. Did you lose your phone or erase contacts by mistake? Now, you shouldn’t worry since you can respond to such issues safely on PC. (This feature is supported to those who had activated ‘Auto export/import’)
If you had lost your smartphone, NAVER Contacts support deletion and restoration of your contacts.
If you had erased contacts on Contacts app by mistake, you can restore them in Trash.

Naver Contacts & Dial APK reviews

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Joseph Abraham review Joseph Abraham
Nightmare signup process
Spent 1 hour trying to sign up; no luck; there are plenty of other decent contact apps Dwp, True etc; so i decided this waste of time is enough. Poor workflow
Rica Autor review Rica Autor
Waste of time
A.H Rafi review A.H Rafi
Wasted time and data
Can't sign up. Why not use gmail to sing in. Creating separate account.... troublesome
Ashraf Fouad review Ashraf Fouad
Cannot register
Long registration process & no verification code received to complete registration
nagarajan rajan review nagarajan rajan
Oldest version
Hossein Sltni review Hossein Sltni
Sign up? No thanks
Melanka Dilsara review Melanka Dilsara
This app can be improved, Painstaking signup method.
Uninstalled it
Andrey Tomilin review Andrey Tomilin
Sign up
Was unable to sign up. Looks this app is dedicated to Chinese users
md semanto review md semanto
Amira Arnold review Amira Arnold
You'll see if we have an opportunity
Good for backups
Fast and good to have when switching phone from apple to android
Randy Tennyson review Randy Tennyson
Tried signing up. Kept telling me my email was invalid
Dannes Hutapea review Dannes Hutapea
Cannot signup. Useless. Uninstall.
ishrak ahmed review ishrak ahmed
take it away
post it in chinese group. wasted time
Gabriel Gonzales review Gabriel Gonzales
Sign up issues