Magnetic balls bubble shoot APK

Magnetic balls bubble shoot
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* 4 worlds with different physics, 384 levels with increasing difficulty
* 16 collection kittens with 80 items for the collection of which you gain experience
* new location "Vacation" (at the end of stage) in which you can help to make the penguin ski resort
* endless game mode with adjustable difficulty (nightmare included)
* amusing ball physics for different materials
* leaderboards
* friendly user interface
* mode for people with impaired color vision (in settings top-right button)

Game description:
There are two game modes — endless mode with adjustable difficulty ("Arcade" button) and campaign mode ("Levels" button). Game has four worlds with different physics and decorations, which can be switched by the «Realms» button in the main menu.
The gravity in the playing area is upward-directed, and this is taken into account for geometrical calculations of wall rebounds and ball drops.
In the game you can see the score, time and number of coins on the left, the players ball queue on the right and the current ball on the bottom side.
You can shoot the ball by pressing on the game field.
Special balls can be chosen by pressing on the current ball. Second pressing allows to change the ball type.
There is advertising in the free version of the game.

Game instructions:
Press the screen where you want to shoot the ball. The new line appears in the glass after several balls shot (amount depending on the level). Combine three or more balls in one line to destroy them.
You get coins for each line of four and more balls. You can exchange the coins for special balls to use in difficult situations (or just for fun).
You can get combo bonus for destroying of several groups of balls within 1.5 seconds.
3-combo will give you a special "mine" ball. If you combine it in line with 3 or more balls, you will get an explosion and an extra coin.
You will get up to 6 coins for 5-combo and higher.
Press the ball in the bottom of the screen to select a special ball. Press again to change the ball type.

Game supports all Android screen sizes (phones and tablets) .

Known Issues on!support/c24vq

Magnetic balls bubble shoot APK reviews

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Stephanie Kalinec review Stephanie Kalinec
Colossal Casual Game
Love spending my down time playing this game!!!
Harish Jethwa review Harish Jethwa
Concept good game bad
When you play you don't want to win or lose just play( time pass) Better all levels be remove ... as one plays the ball must go down instead of coming up will make the game better
wendy mitchell review wendy mitchell
Very addictive and fun version of a bubble game. Magnetic balls grab each other. Have not been stuck yet like other bubble games.
Tom Brown review Tom Brown
Great game, instructions are a little lacking and it has an old feel to it... But once you start it is very hard to stop.
Nancibelle Hardy review Nancibelle Hardy
Can't stop playing
This is the only game I play literally until my phone dies.
Mario Lebron review Mario Lebron
Fun, Easy, & Addicting!!
Dave Mottern review Dave Mottern
Where are the instructions?
What is the goal? I can shoot balls but what am I trying to achieve?
SK Rutenbeck review SK Rutenbeck
Wow! Fun!
Same game with a twist. Magnetic balls create a dynamic swinging field with new tactics and finesses. Even the ads are a class above, non intrusive. I will look for other games from this company
John Redman review John Redman
Great but
Great game but a huge advert pops up and the game is active underneath so you fire balls when trying to close the add, this is truly annoying.
Julie M review Julie M
Fun and Addictive
The game is great. Enjoy the magnetic aspect. Could be a 5 ⭐ game, but since I'm unsure how the game is fully played, I can only give it 4. ➡?DEVELOPERS: Please include full INSTRUCTIONS. * Most of your players would give then give you ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐❕
sam pra review sam pra
Simplicity is always good. one request please focus on colours
Dee Fox review Dee Fox
Now I have a new addiction and this one is soooo much fun!
Adrian Desbruslais review Adrian Desbruslais
Magnetic balls
Interesting and addictive. Though some innovation would make it more interesting
Dale Meyers review Dale Meyers
Was addicted
The constant adds for the crappiest apps available anywhere is the reason why this app is being deleted.
Brian Waak review Brian Waak
A battery drainer
...because you can't stop playing! A unique twist on the bubble-pop genre that's well worth checking out. Ads are annoying but don't destroy the game.