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LearnEnglish GREAT Videos
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Watch videos and improve your English listening skills

Watch natural and authentic conversations in English in this video app. Each video features:
• an audioscript so you can read along while you listen
• a glossary to help you learn and remember words
• comprehension questions to check your understanding
• a pitch control to slow down the audio.

When learning English, practice makes perfect. We recommend you use this app several times a week to keep practising. There are several ways to to help maximise your progress:
• Watch the videos and follow along with the audioscript as you listen. The audioscript supports your listening and helps you hear words you may not necessarily recognise just by listening. Check any words you don’t know using the built-in glossary.
• Read the audioscript in full screen and listen to the audio only without watching the video. This really helps you focus on listening.
• Watch the videos in landscape mode without reading the audioscript – this is the hardest way! Test your listening and see how much of the video you can understand.

Learn about UK Culture

Watch 24 videos to learn more about life in the UK. Follow our host Richard around London as he visits Shakespeare’s Globe theatre and Harrods department store. Learn more about the history of the English language and find out more about British entrepreneurs such as Richard Branson.

Constant practice using the LearnEnglish GREAT Videos app will help you feel more confident listening to native speakers and improve your pronunciation. After using this app, you will understand more when listening to English, such as the videos and podcasts in our LearnEnglish Audio & Video app.

Learn English with the British Council

We are the world’s English experts and we provide English language learning opportunities worldwide. We deliver English lessons in over 80 teaching centres in nearly 50 countries. Our apps are written by English teachers and language experts and offer grammar, vocabulary and listening practice. Check out our other apps and visit our LearnEnglish websites.

The GREAT campaign promotes the UK as a great place to study, visit and do business.

If you want to find out more information about studying in the UK visit: www.educationuk.org

LearnEnglish GREAT Videos APK reviews

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Hiranya Janitha review Hiranya Janitha
This is a great app. it deserves 5 stars. But when you download the episodes it automatically save in my device download folder. I don't have enough storage in my device. So i wish i could download those episodes in my sd card storage. The next big issue is this app doesn't have settings option. we can't customise anything as we want.
Marcelo Ramos review Marcelo Ramos
I do speak English, but I want to make my vocabulary wider. Just great what can I say, it's just incredible because I'm learning about the greatbritain, what I mean I am not learning only words but I am learning culture. Best ever. I had no issues till now, but sure if anything happen you guys will fix it.
Alex Mazilu review Alex Mazilu
Great research put into these videos. The only problem is with the space on my device...I need to download them and delete them after viewing...it's quite annoying
Natalia Kwee review Natalia Kwee
Amazing, with a great video and highlights and everything.. it's not boring. Would you please add Google translate or translate in English if I press the words that I don't understand. It would be perfect for studying. Thank you.
Temy Trinh review Temy Trinh
This is a great app.i love it. Thanks a lot. I used to feel very boring at only read and listen sentences, paragraphs, now I can also read and watch video at the same time, it helps me remember new words and more concentrate. Love it
Renald Kiso review Renald Kiso
I was longing for such an app. It is really good. I would like to wish for your future products be success!
bharti jhurani review bharti jhurani
I liked the app but I am looking for something more advanced. Something with more formal vocabulary along with difficult grammar. Pls suggest if there is any podcast of that sort under British Council.
A Google user review A Google user
Dear App developers, this is incredibly great app. I love it enjoyed it..each and every videos... i love it..Amazing...there is no way to express my happiness. I have onlybone request , please help to install this app on sd card. So that we can download all episodes in sd card
Alex Selvakumar review Alex Selvakumar
I really love it to see and hear the new things by this app.When i open it just i enter to another world. It's keeps my mind stressless.
A Google user review A Google user
It's very useful video. I use it for my children in the classroom. They read like videos with pleasure because they can brush up their knowledge in English: reading, writing, auding and speaking.
Ngoc Trâm review Ngoc Trâm
It is really useful. I love the way they introduce information for us. Hope all we can learn some new things from this app. Thanks so much!
Fathul Irfaan A review Fathul Irfaan A
This is great app. This app support me to learn english. Wish all the best for british council. I hope you will better again, and more wonderfull. I request your wish. Wish me to study in University of Oxford.
A Google user review A Google user
Oh I just loved it !???? Thank you so much British Council staff for such good videos,I have learned a lot from you!And I am loving the British culture as well,many thanks!?
rb tail review rb tail
It's a great app, the voice is clear and match the texts below for me. That's easy to learning l learn English listening for my beginning of level 1
A Google user review A Google user
So bad worst app waste of time and data because there is nothing firstly download app then one by one video download that's why it is better if we download video directly instead of ap from u tubes I Wii suggest to all people don't download this ap