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Order a sandwich freaky fast with the new Jimmy John's app! It's simple. Find a Jimmy John's near you, place your order for delivery or pickup, and enjoy a tasty sammie! For fast, easy ordering, check out as a guest or login to your account to save your favorite sandwiches and repeat previous orders.

–­ Order delivery or pickup from your Android phone, tablet, or watch
–­ Find your nearest Jimmy John's
–­ Save delivery and pickup locations
–­ Repeat previous orders
–­ Customize your sandwich & save to favorites
–­ Check out our menu
–­ Accepts Android Pay

Jimmy John's Sandwiches APK reviews

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Tasha Heck review Tasha Heck
I've always lived in the delivery area for JJ. The app used to work but in the last month it tells me that there are no stores that deliver to my address. I've tried from home and work, both places that I am in the delivery area. This app is supposed to save time and be convenient, but every time I order I try the app first and always end up having to call anyways.
Robbie Lambert review Robbie Lambert
Good app, but kind of difficult to add favorite? Freaky fast button is a check box just before you check out. It would be nice if this checkbox were on the cart page and not the check out page. Also, the app CONSTANTLY loses my granny fast order and/or signs me out. Fix these for 5 stars otherwise.
Mo McGrath review Mo McGrath
The app refuses to acknowledge that there is a Jimmy John's 2 miles away from me. So I can't really use it to order delivery or take out! So I pick up the phone and call the store to order. The local store is aware.
Rick Eddy review Rick Eddy
Love the app in general. My only complaint is a lack of clarity in language when completin one's order. There is no definitive 'go to payment' option. Sorry, but it is a little confusing.
Nick Cooper review Nick Cooper
Easily the most user friendly food delivery app I have ever used. 10 out 10, would order JJ's again. Edit: my food was out for delivery before I finished this review, the commercials don't lie, it is freaky fast. :)
Vince Hodge review Vince Hodge
The app itself WAS great. But for the past month I've been unable to order. "A network error has occurred" is all I get no matter what. Full LTE, Wi-Fi, everything else works but this app.
Stacey McKain review Stacey McKain
Very easy to use and understand. I use this app a lot on busy work days when I dont have a lot of time. I love that you can save your favorites and that it takes about 5 seconds to order.
Sandy Meade review Sandy Meade
App works fine, but I'm still waiting for an order (goin on 30 min now) that's usually here within 10-15 minutes when I call... App is pretty much pointless when calling gets your food to you faster....
Ian Arlen review Ian Arlen
App doesn't allow you to edit account info (like adding a credit card) without placing an order. That's incredibly inconvenient. It's not the worst app I've ever used, but you'd think basic functionality like that would be implemented before dumb BS like 'order tracking', a pretty useless feature for something that gets delivered to you in half an hour.
Aadam Lortz review Aadam Lortz
The fact that you do not allow the pasting of the password is bad design. Thanks for making it hard to login when using a password manager and long passwords.
Ashley Uhri review Ashley Uhri
This app is a problem for my waist line! I use it often, I always get my food quickly, and the app is so dang easy to use!
James Baker review James Baker
Perfect concise app that has all the features I'm looking for in a food app. From repeat orders to full customization, not to mention ease of use. Great app.
Adam Wilner review Adam Wilner
Easy to use. Just wish it was a little easier to find and repeat past orders. Also, don't open the app until you are ready for them to show up at your door. One of my orders was literally delivered in less than 10 min. "Freaky Fast" is no joke!
A Google user review A Google user
Jimmy John's is literally down the street but work doesn't allow me to go off site, the app saves my favorite order and card Information. So, if I forget to bring lunch I can order it in 2 secs and it's here freaky fast ?
Reginald Debrah review Reginald Debrah
Was kinda disappointed when they weren't here in the 2.5 sec like in the commercial, but the food was good.