Hashi Puzzles: Bridges Islands APK

Hashi Puzzles: Bridges Islands
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Hashiwokakero (also called Ai-Ki-Ai, Bridges or Chopsticks) is the new sudoku-like game that will keep you entertained for hours!
Try to complete the 580 levels of this logic puzzle game!

* 500 Levels organized in packs
* 5 different board sizes of increasing difficulty
* Each level has a unique solution, no random move or bogus level
* Hints available if you are stuck
* Collect stars by completing levels without using hints

Hashi Puzzles: Bridges Islands APK reviews

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A Google User review A Google User
Edward Cuttle review Edward Cuttle
Very good utilty, hints make it almost too easy
After I played the free ones I uninstalled it; however it was a good but I'm just not that into the game to fork out the extra dosh for the harder levels.
Kristi Ngo review Kristi Ngo
Wrong link notifiers
Despise wrong link notifications what is the point of working the puzzle out then?
retrotails prower review retrotails prower
A bit short
Also not worth $1 for some randomly generated puzzles. Maybe it'd be worth $1 if it had the random generator built-in for billions of puzzles.
jamadagni pariti review jamadagni pariti
Really a good game!!! A challenge for our logical abilities!!!
Graham Savell review Graham Savell
Great concept
Not much effort or thought has gone onto the GUI. And paying for packs plus putting up with ads is a bit much. This game could be great but has a half finished feel to it.
Christina Maharani review Christina Maharani
Often hang
Often hang.
Mr Zaid review Mr Zaid
مذهلة رائعه
Jeremy Dundon review Jeremy Dundon
Constant ads
And pay for levels. Pretty greedy to have both.
John Papajohn review John Papajohn
Timothy Barreras review Timothy Barreras
Bad game
Description was nothing like sudoku
Andrew D review Andrew D
OK puzzle game that wants payment for locked levels.
A couple of hours amusement before a pay to progress or delete. Your choice.
A Google User review A Google User
Lacks tapping
It'd be more comfortable if i could tap in between points to create a bridge
Theodore Roberts review Theodore Roberts
Jeremy Bindon review Jeremy Bindon
Too easy
Also, I will not be paying for puzzle packs at the present price.