Hashi Extreme Puzzles APK

Hashi Extreme Puzzles
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Take Hashi to a whole new level with variants on the classic puzzle game!
Use your logic only to connect the islands together and solve the puzzles. Variants with more bridges and diagonals will keep you entertained for days.

Can you solve the 1240 levels of increasing difficulty?

* 1240 levels for beginners and experts
* Variants for new challenges
* Free unlimited use of hints when you are stuck
* Collect a star in each level

Hashi Extreme Puzzles APK reviews

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Vincent Liu review Vincent Liu
It's a great game, but eating battery a bit fast.
A Google User review A Google User
Guys dont dwnld it its too complicated with no fun
Omkar Dhotre review Omkar Dhotre
Nguyễn Lê Trọng review Nguyễn Lê Trọng
Game crashes when there's no internet
Despoina M. review Despoina M.
I love it!
LT GFX review LT GFX
Fun pussle
Reminds me of chemistry
Szabolcs Czinege review Szabolcs Czinege
Love it!
kurt sinn review kurt sinn
Nice game
Nice time killer.
Ozan Sümen review Ozan Sümen
Reymundo Jimenez review Reymundo Jimenez
Very awsome
Luke Grantham review Luke Grantham
Really enjoyable to play. Although its a bit of faults advertisement when it says there's now 1120 levels. Most need to be purchased....
Ваш Мушкин review Ваш Мушкин
Simple, Interesting, Pronlem solving. Makes you think, without struggling, and straight up enjoyable! Seriously considering purchasing the bonus levels!
nick Krul review nick Krul
Was fun
over now
Joe Saint review Joe Saint
Love it
Great puzzle game. Challenging yet simple. Basic logic n process of elimination game. Great time killer.
Sergey Salnikov review Sergey Salnikov
Want to buy all packs at once
Nice game, but pricing strategy is crazy.