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Game Tuner is advanced setting app. It enables you to change the resolution and frames per second settings in mobile games that require tuning for different Android devices, and thereby control heat generation and battery drain.

▶ Main features
1. Freely change the graphics quality of games.
- Resolution, frames per second, and texture quality
2. Customize settings for each game.
3. Game folder widget and game mode widget
- Run games and change modes more easily.
4. Change the resolution of regular apps as you please.
- Some basic apps are not supported.
- Not compatible with Multi-window feature
5. A variety of convenient game features
- Feature for displaying frame rates in games; feature for saving power by flipping the phone face down to turn off just the screen; and macro feature useful in developing/testing games

▶ Regarding app access permissions
In order for us to provide you with our services, we need your permission to access the items described below. You can still enjoy the basic features of our services without granting optional access permissions.

[Optional access permissions]
- Storage: To record, save, play, edit, and share macros.

Game Tuner APK reviews

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Titanlight review Titanlight
since they got rid of the option to add/remove feature for games so we use game launcher for it instead which does work at times but not everytime usually you will have to restart your phone just for them to be added here to game tuner but now with the latest OS update to android there are 2 notification tray problems one is from the app itself the "ingamepopupservice" in my notification tray wont go away even after closing a game and the second one deals with the phone own notification system via the "Android System" with the "Apps consuming battery" notifier this one wont go away either even when game tuner isnt even running in the background i have to restart my phone everytime just to get rid of these 2 notification problems granted you can simply turn off notifications from both of these sources but thats not really fixing anything so please fix this issue
Ben Afleck review Ben Afleck
i cant belive how unresponsive support team is i asked about some issue i have they didnt even respond in 2weeks
Indrio Wantah review Indrio Wantah
Thanks for the Macro apps.. it really really usefull, and easy to use..
Chye Xian You review Chye Xian You
I can't download game optimising service from galaxy apps.
forlorn 5358 review forlorn 5358
This app fix lag in pes 2018 pro .thanks
William A review William A
Latest version removed games and settings. Cannot re-add games.
Huynh Dinh Johny review Huynh Dinh Johny
No ads to see for active advance feature. Wasted time.
Marvon Browning review Marvon Browning
This app keeps stopping every few seconds. I liked the app until that started happening
Jason Huerta review Jason Huerta
Great app
Helps with game performance, keeping the phone cool, and having them games run at lower quality to use less battery. Would be nice to have the FPS display on Note 4 though.
Edo Dwi Christianto review Edo Dwi Christianto
The FPS counter is broken for me.
Thewonders ofSEBO review Thewonders ofSEBO
Great app but
Every mode that I apply makes my phone very hot.
Odbayar Bold review Odbayar Bold
It doesn't seem useful but it really does :)
Ahmad Aree review Ahmad Aree
Nice work
Can you let note 4 owners to see the frame rate of the game? It can be supported?
楊佳叡 review 楊佳叡
Hope it can auto detect what screen resolution is running when launching the game, and adjust it.
Tamas Szigethy review Tamas Szigethy
Way to go Samsung
Was working fine on my S6, now i have an S7, but this thing runs everything smooth as butter :)) so no need for this app right now :D