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Download tube/videos and songs from Internet up to 5 times faster then other video downloaders on the market. Fast, free and easy downloader for MP3 and MP4. Save your favorite files and play them anytime in the future.

How to use: (video tutorial:
1. If there's a download button for the video on the page, then just click it and the download will start
2. If there's no download button, but an embedded video players is present, then:
- Wait until the page is fully loaded
- Click the play button (an red download icon should appear at the top if the video was extracted from the player)
- If it didn't work then click the pause button
- If it didn't work try hitting play and pause a couple of times
- If the above didn't work, then it's not possible to extract the video on this page
3. Once the file is downloaded, go to file manager is app and click the video. MX player or BS player should be installed for the best performance and file format support.

• Integrated web browser
• Fully featured download manager with pause/resume/remove and connection lost handling capabilities
• Fully featured file manager for easy video access and manipulation
• External browser support
• 100% free

• Can I download YuTube videos?
No! Downloading from YouTube is forbidden by their Terms of Service. Please don't ask about YT support, because we can't add it.

• How can I play the downloaded videos?
Install “MX player” or “BS player”, then click the video in the file manager in the FVD app. A window will appear with and video app to select. Select the downloaded video player.

• Which file format are supported?
All formats are supported if you use the recommended video players. However it’s best to use MP4 and M3U8 for video files, MP3 for music.

NOTE. Downloading files that are protected by copyright is prohibited and regulated by the laws of the country where you live. We assume no responsibility for any misuse of this application.

### YouTube is not supported due to their Terms of Service ###

Fastest Video Downloader APK reviews

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arun khanna review arun khanna
HTTP handling Failed
This error occur always if downloading size of video crosses 150Mbs
Kotaiba Sahouane review Kotaiba Sahouane
If you make it can dawnlead from youtube i will give you 5 stars
Timmy Lim review Timmy Lim
I install it again
I'll try to used it again . then if not work again i will .... ?
Jesse Aileen review Jesse Aileen
Warning ! It doesen't work for youtube
This app only work for lame sites. For we all know that youtube is awesome
Meech McAdoo review Meech McAdoo
Just what I needed and more. I wish those whom speak of Youtube would understand, this app does its job superbly. Youtube restricts their content. This app complies with as it should. The app should not be penalized for that nor given bad reviews. I love it! Thanks developers!
Awesome app.. its amazing for downloading videos..the only drawback is dat it doesn't support youtube.. but otherwise its grt
brucely konzuo review brucely konzuo
It is a superb app video is downloading at just 30 seconds maximum 1.50 minutee
alfonzo fesolai review alfonzo fesolai
Doesn't work
I can't download anything
Really good app.
I like the way it downloads my videos its faster than any other
Antonette Abella review Antonette Abella
I cant download any video , it says webpage not available I thought its a good app , I hope it is please fix this
Gerardo Thomas review Gerardo Thomas
The best ever finally I can download from YouTube 1 million stars
suzulyn LC review suzulyn LC
Does not work on samsung J7
Only capture few kb of the file and stop when try to download. Pls fix. Tq
Sagar Gupta review Sagar Gupta
Video downloader
This app is a very bed app this app not download for video photo download for show and this app is dosent work
Neisha Baldovino review Neisha Baldovino
Its ok . So good to use and fast to download .. just try and believe
Danyal Asif review Danyal Asif
Deer khaista awo zaberdast speed hum tez day download time k