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Construction Sim 2017
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Do you like heavy Construction Simulator? Try the latest construction simulator where you can feel what's like to take control of Extreme Vehicles such as Construction Excavators, Dumper Trucks, Bulldozers, Haulers, Construction Cranes, Garbage Trucks and many more!
Extreme Trucks Simulator features many scenarios: country roads, quarry mine, deserts, mountains, cities etc...
Easy and intuitive controls will let you experience and feel these extreme trucks!
Play with your friends in the multiplayer mode, load them with the excavator, transport rocks, logs, pallets other construction stuff!
More than 8 modes with a total of 80 different levels waiting for you. Show off your construction skills, prove that you're the best! Play Extreme Trucks Simulator!

All Games in One:
-Construction Simulator
-Tow Truck Simulator
-Forklift Simulator
-Snow Truck Simulator

• More than 8 modes
-Construction Excavator And Dumper Truck
-Bulldozer and Haul Truck
-Log Crane Truck
-Forklift and Flatbed
-Garbage Truck
-Cement Truck
-Tow Truck
-Snow Plow
• Smooth and realistic physics
• Different locations to explore
• More than 80 challenging levels
• Free Ride mode
• Multiplayer mode
• Detailed vehicle interiors
• Automatic and Manual Transmission (with Clutch)
• Tilt steering, buttons and touch steering wheel
• Optional Slider Pedals
• Online Leaderboards and Achievements
• Multiplayer Construction Simulator
• Real engine sounds
• New awesome weather conditions
• Request new maps and modes on our social media pages!

Construction Sim 2017 APK reviews

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TheGamer 500 review TheGamer 500
When I went to the whatever that thing that scoops up dirt, it doesn't turn. I thought you could do better. You are stupid
Wyatt Brewer7 review Wyatt Brewer7
Cars wont start
The game let me drive to the destination, i did the objective, then the truck would not turn back on. This game is good and garbage at the same time.
Austin Parris review Austin Parris
Can y'all please add a engine button to turn the engine on and off please. Thx but over-all guys get this game it is amazing another beautiful job greatly done ovilex go ovilex u'r #1 in my android playstore games list ??
Tony Adamski review Tony Adamski
It's fun to play
It's fun to play and the graphics are excellent but it lags lot please fix the lagging but other wise it's a great game and I love all the games by Ovidiu Pop
Ibrahim Alouly review Ibrahim Alouly
This is a real simulation best game ever in the simulation
I love your work ovilex software ver much its a very nice game please i hope to make a game that has swat with tinted cars and police horns that you can chase criminals and including many cars please thanks very much for this lovery game
GeorgieButcher review GeorgieButcher
To the team of production, this game is very glitchy and doesn't respond quick enough. Would this happen in real life??
Andy Gorman review Andy Gorman
Don't get if you actually run equipment
Graphics are good, gameplay is good, and it's even kinda fun! Buuuut.. if you have ever actually run equipment the controls will make you hate the game. It may seem right to people that don't run equipment but many controls are backwards. Forward is up not down, bucket curl is bucket dump. Good game but would kill for an app that actually gets the controls right. If you're going to call it a simulator, be a simulator.
Peter Gilbert review Peter Gilbert
As always this is the best driving simulator company and this is no acceptation. It has an automatic transmission if you don't like manuals, but if you do like manual transmissions this is a must have. You have to hold in the clutch to switch gears like in real life and it coasts like in real life. When they designed this app it is obvious that they studied manual transmissions to make it as real life as possible. I hope that for the next app they develop that they have the option to have a manual transmission that is like this one.
Cameron Devoid review Cameron Devoid
The weird head of love
I love the game so much it feels like your actually driving a tractor n a kid in the back trailer or about more kids in the trailer.the most thing I like about the game is u can play online but it's a little weird for me.PLAYING THE GAME IS LIKE PLAYING A GAME WITH POKEMON N TRACTORS
Savitha ML review Savitha ML
Lovely game
Ovilex is giving amazing games and am a big fan of ovilex.In this game everything is perfect and a little more improvement required in weather simulation.And Road condition before the rain and after the rain. i loved it tq for such a wonderful game i have all of ur games installed i play them everyday after coming tired up from work
Hazwani Ayep review Hazwani Ayep
OVIDIU games best for me. .. the best 3D graphics .. hope OVIDIU will create a game SIMULATION such as helicopters, airplanes, etc.. that's what I can't wait wait ... Please graph over 3D.. OVIDIU is already too many games on the wagon lorry and bus. .. Please give OVIDIU slap games the best FLIGHT SIMULATION which is also a. .. TQ OVIDIU ...
Divine Josiah review Divine Josiah
Nothing but D best, wht else"..?
shaun meyer review shaun meyer
I've only been playing for a while now, and so far its an amazing game. Its better than some of the games I've paid for. I'd rather pay for games like this one. Very realistic, and the graphics aren't that bad either. ? to the developer's.
Ozzie Lein review Ozzie Lein
Would have given a higher rating, but kept on asking to rate the game while I was turning a corner. Don't bother players while they are in the game.
Tanner Lafave review Tanner Lafave
This is for you ovilex all your games crash for me and I'm super mad about it