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Experiment Z - Zombie
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SURVIVE in the most anticipated mobile multiplayer zombie survival game for your android!!!!

Play with friends, scavenge and loot buildings, find food, guns, weapons to SURVIVE in the massive open world map. Follow us on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, and YouTube for updates, giveaways, and more !

*** NOTE: THIS GAME IS INTENDED FOR FAST PHONES AND TABLETS! It will be slow and laggy on older devices. You need at minimum a Nexus 4 or Samsung S3! ***

Key Features!

* Multiplayer online action, play with your friends for FREE!

* Next Gen 3D Graphics

* MASSIVE 3D open world map to explore

* Survive through the day and night!

* Hungry ZOMBIES on the prowl

* Drive different vehicles or take a ride with your friends

* Find all the clothes, gear and weapons to help you survive

This version of the game is the Early Access release version.
You will notice bugs, glitches, crashes, etc, this is normal. The game will continue to improve as we fix bugs and put in your ideas and suggestions. Thanks for playing and have fun!

Experiment Z - Zombie APK reviews

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Migs De Guzman review Migs De Guzman
purchase problem...
hi, i purchased no ads on my 2nd fone, but it did not work. can u send me a coupon to reactivate that pls. you can check, i made 2 purchases of that. will give 5 stars if this issue is fixed.
Jazzy Russell review Jazzy Russell
Please read and reply
Awesome game I've looked all over the app store what do I find nothing like this it's free its the best its .... Experiment z the only game I like. its closest thing to a 20 dollar game I got we got for all my peeps out dar. Anyway let's get down and dirty. Improvements please add some stuff from the pics shown above and please please please add some more characters or character creation because (no offence) the guy kinda looks retarded and his head is too round. Anyways those are my only requests (except please add some more guns) other than that stuff this game is epic and please keep up the good work and pump out some more games like it
Garrett Slack review Garrett Slack
It a good game but
Make it a little easier to get guns and gas and that certain clothes gives u armor for my device it laggy at first and sometimes crashes Otherwise if u play Dayz this is like and android version it awesome
Doody Lan review Doody Lan
Its a fun game but can u add an actual chainsaw and some helicopters and make it to where we can talk together and won't have to text pleeeeeeeease
Super Gaming review Super Gaming
Love it
I absolutely love this game. I have a few suggestions one add alot more weapons cars clothing, two add a way to make a car with parts and for guns to, three add a way to make a car yours, four add crafting and gathering (like wood & fuel make a torch), five add a map and a friend system and make it so if you are in a lobby with your friend you can see them on the map, six and last but not least fix these bugs. You can shoot but it wont hit them (like if you shoot them it dosent hit them and goes them and th
Tyrese Billups review Tyrese Billups
Good Game but could have more updates
This is my best third best zombie game but could have more updates like more vehicles like a old rusty muscles car or a bike or something maybe a difficulty system like for a example hard difficulty zombie can do much harder hits, or like a map that tells you where you're going maybe mission like save survivors add in weather effects a hunger system if you do all of this you might get 1 million download but take your time tho do everything at once Thinks Guys :)
Shah Afiq review Shah Afiq
I'll rate 5 stars if...
There's some little buggy and I dont like it .. Plsss fix it .. But most of all I like this game !!
Aldin Pereira review Aldin Pereira
Shit this game
There's no problem in my phone yall nut heads....
Behbod 1381 review Behbod 1381
I like it but...
It has alot to work on and the developers heres a few suggestions and bugs since im a developer of a game myself: A very bad bug is when I try to join a multiplayer server and add pops up and when I close it I cant touch anything and I have to reopen. Another bad bug is whenever someone joins a single player (maybe multiplayer too) a zombie spawns right behind them. Another very frustraiting bug is that its pretty much impossible to go in a house cuz theres zombies everywhere. Plz fix cuz I luv this game
Sponge Boy187 review Sponge Boy187
I dont have dayz or a computer but this is awesome very awesome but can you plzz add pistals more citeys machine guns and a hunger bar . plzzz don't give up Im looking forward to an update
MCPE curlybro review MCPE curlybro
Can u put like u can crouch or lay down it would make it good and add handcuffs and backpacks and building lol im asking for to much and voice like u can use your headphones to talk
Aftab Ahmed Ranjha review Aftab Ahmed Ranjha
I would like the developers to please answer
The game is really great with awesome potential. it gives amazing results even in alpha I wud like to say the developers to add backpacks random fuels for cars more guns and cars also a new map( a city map would be great with lots of zombies) it is a humble request that u add these in the next update and thumbs up developers u rock seriously.:-) :-) :-)
Yanaka White review Yanaka White
Flaws and suggestions
My machete always gone when i get out of a vehicle.. dunno with other weaps.. this game can use a female character.. add a walking and swimming animation... zombies in the woods would give u goosebumps.. make the way to get money is by survival time instead of killing zombies.. pipe is weaker but it has good range unlike machete and axe, but its cheaper than those... need player footstep sound... how bout a flashligt? Shortcut to change weapons...
Tristan Crouse review Tristan Crouse
Very slow very laggy extremely slow please fix, it seems like a very good game will rate 5 stars if u fix
Zhen Hui Zhang review Zhen Hui Zhang
Great games, but!
Pls perm ban all hackers. Or make them unable to wield any weapon for an outstanding amount of times. Will re-rate. Note to those Thailand hackers. If u can't play without hack. Then GTFO! GO PLAY UR POKEMON!