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Drive over 15 vehicles, operate large cranes and machines, complete easy and complex objectives and explore a large detailed open world environment. Drive simulator 2016 is like no other simulator, it's the complete simulation package packed with variety of objective based levels such as:

- Airport: Tow airplane, unload luggage and passengers, refuel plane etc..
- Construction: Demolish and build, transport machinery, operate large cranes etc..
- Depot: Remove and replace vents, transport light goods etc..
- Dockyard: Unload containers, operate large cranes, transport heavy cargo etc..
- Recovery: Recover broken down vehicles

- Detailed 3D environment
- Over 15 Vehicles to drive
- 5 different Modes to choose from
- Operate cranes, machines, large trucks, trailers and trolleys
- easy controls

Minimum Requirements: dual core 1.0ghz - 1GB RAM

Drive Simulator APK reviews

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David Fletcher review David Fletcher
Brilliant idea. Controls not very good. If you want to swing left it always swings right first. ONLY 6 STAGES. took me about 1 hr to complete. I really do hope the designers read this, Because as already mentioned 1/. More levels please... (lots of). 2/. More accurate controls please. This could be one of the very best if you take into mind the Constructive Criticsm. I play a lot of these types of games so I know what the players want.
Serge Matsko review Serge Matsko
It is a great game altogether, graphics and everything. But often when you hit a pole it goes through the car and you are stuck. If you are on the mission, you can just abandon it, however frustrating and annoying that is, and respawn. But while free driving there is no other way but to quit the game and relaunch it. And after I had to quit 2 times in 10 minutes, I just did not want to open it again.
jash michael nillasca review jash michael nillasca
After i finished reading all the reviews, all i can say to this app is that this is a very fantastic driving simulator,,i love the graphics the interior of the car and everything! I want to give it a 5 star but some features are missing! Please add some features to your app for the next update,,here are some features that i recommend,,,, Add some signal lights,,people walking around,,third person viewer can move outside the car,,then some building can be visit for shopping and buying different thing like a mall,,,can buy different cars and house,,,add gasoline station and bus station,,,and can use things inside the house,,,add different weather and night time!!! I hipe you can improve your game through my recommendations,,thank you
Surya Ariawan review Surya Ariawan
Good game, multi control i like it. But why i think the vehicle very weaks power, trucks that are drived are weaker than other cars with only a small collision of trucks can fly upside down. Weirds to me
scottish lad review scottish lad
Great game. But one thing is I can't see the instruction on where to go when driving as there is adverts smack bang in the middle of it. Can Chang where you show adverts
soma sundaram review soma sundaram
I cont believe it very natural game good simulation.
Brendon Mecoy review Brendon Mecoy
This could be a really awesome game if it was more realistic. Driving at slow speed over a pavement and the truch flips like it's having a heart attack. The other drivers don't have reverse gears so you have to reset the task. To top it all off, the vehicles get stuck some times due to glitches. Super annoying. Let me know when that has all been fixed and l will download the game again.
Sai Idoorkar review Sai Idoorkar
M luvng it
Plzz unlock the remaining stages
Xavier Castle review Xavier Castle
I liked it, easy to play and control, but sometimes the controls get stock, but not a big deal. I would like if there were more tasks to accomplish. Its a short game and one loses interest in the game. But I liked it.
Jeff Holowaychuk review Jeff Holowaychuk
No go
Won't work on Samsung Galaxy 2 or 3 tablets since they are Kernel 4.2.2.too bad can't play.parking game works,but that's it.please update to play on my tablets,or make a game like this for my tablet.thanks
Adam Faulkner review Adam Faulkner
This would be a brilliant game if it wasn't for the stupidly persistent traffic that doesn't react to the truck in the slightest. The cars just keep pushing forwards blocking ur turn, then another car in opposite direction, does the same, my truck goes skyborne nd lands upside down. This happened 3 times. When loading with heavy equipment, the physics don't quite work nd a similar issue as the traffic can flip the truck or just glitch so that excavator and truck merge permanently nd hav 2 restart. I really like this sim but these issues spoil it so much I had to stop myself smashing my device through frustration. Please try to make the traffic a bit smarter nd not just scenery that moves incessantly forwards. (I know in real world drivers can block the way nd cause trouble, but not to this degree lol)
Shahid Masood review Shahid Masood
Can be good!
The game graphics are great however it needs a feature which is tilting. Other than that the devs has done a good job so far.
die.young review die.young
It would be nice if other cars could go faster. Also I would pay if you expanded the world.. alot. Its kinda small. But it is an amazing game with over the top controlls and alot of content.
Navil Naimul review Navil Naimul
I didn't like this game
Karen Borral review Karen Borral
pleas remove the ads...i cannot the instruction up there..maybe you should put the adds before the is good..but multiple adds so pretty bad fell me?