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Conveniently order Domino’s from anywhere on your Android phone or tablet. Build your pizza just the way you like it or choose one of our specialty pizzas. Add items from the rest of our oven-baked menu including chicken, pasta, sandwiches, bread, drinks and desserts. And with the Domino’s Tracker ® you can follow your order from the moment you place it until it’s out for delivery or ready for pickup!

Use the Domino’s app to order from locations in the United States, not including Puerto Rico. To place an order in Puerto Rico, visit

¡Pide Domino’s en inglés o en español! Nuestro app se configura automáticamente con el idioma que has escogido para tu smartphone o tableta.

Utilice la aplicación de Domino a la orden de localidades en los Estados Unidos, sin incluir Puerto Rico. Para realizar un pedido en Puerto Rico, visite


· Create a Pizza Profile to easily access to your saved info and recent orders (not required)

· Order faster than ever by creating an Easy Order!

· Sign up for Domino’s Piece of the Pie Rewards™ and earn points toward free pizza!

· Pay with cash, credit card, debit card or Domino’s gift card

· Use our voice ordering assistant, Dom, to add items to your cart and to select a coupon

· Connect with Ford Sync to track orders, or place an Easy Order or a Recent Order while on the go

· Use Android Wear or Pebble watch to track orders, or place an Easy Order or Recent Order right from your wrist

· Use Domino’s Tracker notifications to follow your order until it’s out for delivery or ready for pickup!


· Precise location/GPS – identifies your closest stores for easier carryout ordering

· Directly call phone numbers – makes it possible for you to call your local store with a single tap within the app

· Take pictures and videos – used to quickly capture debit or credit card information at checkout

· USB Storage – required for upgraded Google Maps

· Record audio – needed to enable Dom, our voice ordering assistant

Bluetooth connection information
· Needed for integration with Ford Sync, Android Wear and Pebble watch

Device ID & call information
· Read phone status and identity – required as part of the Ford Sync feature, this is used if you want to call your store through Sync while your phone screen is locked

· Full network access – this allows us to communicate with the Domino’s systems to provide you with the latest store menus and coupons and it is needed to place orders from the app

· View network connections - required by Google Maps, which we use to show store locations

· Network communication - enables push notifications, giving you access to app exclusives, coupons and deals

· Control vibration – helps alert you to updates, like changes in order status as it progresses through the Tracker

· Prevent phone from sleeping – if you are using your voice to order, the app will prevent the phone from going to sleep (which would otherwise happen because you aren’t tapping the phone)

Domino's Pizza USA APK reviews

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Cassie Dervie review Cassie Dervie
I would die for dominoes pizza. If ww3 happens, I won't side with any established country. Instead, I will establish a micro state for dominoes pizza and pledge my life to defending her borders. I think that present day Rhode Island would make a good place for Dominoistan. Long live the republic of pizza, long live her Majesty, queen Domino.
Curtis Mattingly review Curtis Mattingly
Took a while to get set up & place order. Now I know my way around, it works pretty well. More coupons offered would be nice. Needs an option for extra cooked. With a lot of toppings, the puzza can come under done. Nobody likes gooey doughy crust!
John Foster review John Foster
Don't see anything bad, so it must be Awesomeness! One thing that I don't like and it isn't really the app, but since gluten free crust is only small, they almost never have a coupon for it. You can get mediums, largest, sides... But for gluten free you are going to pay full crazy price... It's about $35 for two small GF pizzas... Or you can get two large's, a side, and a pop for $19.95
Apex Seregake review Apex Seregake
Awesome app, I live on Camp Lejeune and this made it easy to put in my barracks. Other apps or stores it is a pain but I love how they have this one laid out. Super fast and easy to order and love the security on the app. Don't mind putting in my password to ensure my stuff is secure. And love that finger print is compatible.
April Segismundo review April Segismundo
Would give it 5 stars if you could add the tip to the bill. I haven't gotten my points for orders I placed from the app. I've had 30 points pending for about 2 or 3 months.
Matthew Nelson review Matthew Nelson
This is one of the easier food apps out there. Your review is seen by the store that made the food and is mostly received and handle if it was a bad review. Only complant is that there are few items that aren't on the app. For example 2liter sodas of every flavor there are only select flavors that have the option for a 2 liters.
Matt Brown review Matt Brown
Great but keeps crashing
Easy to use awesome except recently every time I use it it seems to crash once before it works.
Patty Tuck review Patty Tuck
So simple
I absolutely love this app. It is so easy to use!! I hate talking on the phone, unless I absolutely have to, and with this I don't have to talk to anyone.
Jonly Wonly review Jonly Wonly
Works OK, mostly
Could use some more polish, like the Quick Order option to reorder your saved order. Once you login, there seems to be no way to go back to it without killing the app, scrubbing your RAM, then relaunching the app. UPDATE: App has improved, although it's still not always very easy to get back to the Home page, but it's better than the previous version. LATEST UPDATE: App works fine, but still just has an awkward feel to it. But in the end, it works acceptably and the food arrives just fine.
Derek Sauder review Derek Sauder
Had this app for a while now. Loved the ease of the ordering process, until the latest update. Now it blocks me from ordering saying it couldn't apply the rewards points to my order. I am not, have never been and do not wish to be in the rewards program. Now I'm forced to order online or not at all.
Ross Kaplan review Ross Kaplan
Good app, very convenient, but...
Dom, the voice assistant, is terribly annoying. And if you accidentally hit that little microphone button, there seems to be no way to turn him off. Of course, Domino's could've integrated Google voice with their app since it's the best voice recognition software I've ever used and it's already trained to recognize me, nor does it annoy me and talk back unnecessarily, but they just had to make their own. Also, update to Material Design please.
Patrick Tierney review Patrick Tierney
I logged into my profile and the app literally became unusable. Every selection I made opened a pop-up warning me that my pizza points had been credited to my account, which means I couldn't place any order. If the whole idea of the app is to order food and I can't place any order then this app is a complete failure.
Jus Blaze review Jus Blaze
This isn't so much about the app as it is about a Domino's employee. I ordered Domino's last week and got an earful from the delivery boy. The last time I ordered from here I forgot to change my address so the delivery boy went to my old address. So before I ordered again, I made sure to change my address info thru the app. He calls and says he's here so I go outside and after three minutes of waiting I realize he's probably gone to the wrong address again. I call my local Domino's and they tell me my old address is still listed. So I had them change it manually and they told me to call him back and give him my current address. So I did. He parked in front of my house, open his door, then proceeded to give me a lecture about changing my address. I tried to tell him I changed my address thru the app BEFORE I even ordered but he cut me off and started yelling and getting pretty rude with me totally unprovoked. After I cursed him out for five minutes, I demanded my food and his departure or I would start taking his presence as a threat and act accordingly. This wasn't some punk kid. This delivery guy had to be 40-50yr age range. Your app is still kinda flawed and it almost got some old man's head kicked in. Fix it.
Alyssa Carlson review Alyssa Carlson
First time using it since the update, and I'm only disappointed that they didn't introduce pizza rewards earlier! I'd be at least 10 free two-topping medium pizzas deep by now... Makes ordering pizza TOO easy!
Tony Campos review Tony Campos
Tracker is great unless there's an issue with the pizza. There is no way for the people at the store to update it if they have to remake it or something? I miss the Clifton St store. They were always great. Since the Stillwater one opened up, I have to get delivery from them. Half the time there's an issue and I have to call an hour after the pizza is 'ready' to find out what is going on. Can't even order delivery from Clifton cause they're not allowed. Fix the tracker so there's an 'order delayed' feature or something.