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Learn on the go with the Coursera App for Android. Access more than 1,000 courses and Specializations developed by 140+ of the best colleges and universities in the world, and advance your career or continue your education by mastering subjects from Python programming and data science to photography and music.

Learn from top instructors in an engaging learning experience:

• Browse 1000+ courses in a variety of subject areas, from math, to music, to medicine
• Stream lecture videos online any time, or download for offline viewing
• Transition seamlessly between web and app learning, with coursework, quizzes and projects saved across both platforms
• Learn in dozens of languages, including Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Russian
• Earn Course and Specialization Certificates and share your success with employers, colleagues, and friends

Advance your career or continue your education in subjects like:

• Computer Science: Programming, Mobile and Web Development
• Data Science: Machine Learning, Statistics, Probability and Data
• Business: Accounting, Marketing and Entrepreneurship
• Sciences: Robotics, Chemistry, Nutrition, and Medicine
• Art, including Design, Photography, Music, and Creative Writing
...and hundreds more!

Earn a Certificate:

Joining Coursera is free. To qualify to earn a certificate, enroll in a range of Specializations by paying per course or Specialization.

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Coursera: Online courses APK reviews

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Razor umal review Razor umal
Great work...
Piyush Shah review Piyush Shah
The app does not allow for script screen, so I can't write and take notes as I see the videos. Also, on some screens, the app does not allow for screen rotation. So, Coursera is great, 7 stars for that, but this app is just average.
karan patel review karan patel
Great app
Pls give solution for not streaming or downloading videos. It shows error everytime that wifi error. You need to resolve this problem as your every user complaining abbout this.
Roman M review Roman M
Bug: Can't play a video
I receive an error: "Can't play video", when try to open course video. It happens with all courses, so basically app doesn't work at all. Nexus 4, Android 5.1
Tristan Smith review Tristan Smith
I love the app and it is great for videos and for downloading so I can listen on the bus. Sometime I just want to read the material and I cannot access the transcripts on the app. I have to go to the mobile site which is very annoying.
bujie victor review bujie victor
Great platform
And good mobile app. Works nice, you can download the courses on Wi-Fi and the battery drain is quite reasonable
I gave 5 stras to this app but now after installing its new version. Videos are not streaming and keep showing me that problem in my network or failed to load subtitles.
Viki Khakhar review Viki Khakhar
Irq Rudenko review Irq Rudenko
After verification I can't watch any lectures, video is not loading
Juha Elo review Juha Elo
Great app overall
Great app. Lots of interesting courses and ability to learn offline. However after the latest patch the photo verification crashes the app. Very inconvenient!
Robert Orr review Robert Orr
Kindle Fire not DIRECTLY Supported from Amazon App store!
Wanted to do my coursework on my Kindle Fire tablet, but this app doesn't support DIRECTLY from Amazon. Coursera staff were kind enough to direct me to a YouTube video that shows how to get around this. It seems kind of silly to have to dance around like this to do something routine, but I am happy now!
Anand Raj review Anand Raj
This is the best app
This is the best app for learning web development....
Timi Ambaye review Timi Ambaye
offline video download problem
My ISP is quit slow, videos all try to download at once when I want to download content to use offline... I think the download process should be qued.
J bove review J bove
Amazing opportunity to take courses for free, that most cannot afford. Courses from the best universities in the world. Never feel intimidated, as the professors make you feel comfortable.
Jordan Mello review Jordan Mello
Excellent app!
It's a great app, I can make very cool online courses and study it everytime with interactive texts, pictures and videos :)