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Get exclusive vouchers with the official BURGER KING® app and save like a king! Explore our menu and find your nearest BK® restaurant anytime, anywhere.

Specific features include:
- Exclusive Vouchers: Access hot mobile vouchers right from your phone. We refresh vouchers frequently, so the savings never get stale.
- Delivery: Order delicious BK® food from your mobile device, and we’ll deliver it to your doorstep (available in participating areas).
- Restaurant Finder: Locate your nearest BURGER KING® restaurant. Use list-view or map-view searching, or filter by restaurant features and distance.
- Menu: Explore your BK® favourites and browse item descriptions at any time.
- For the best experience, please be sure to enable Location Services when you first launch the app.

• Delivery – Now you can order your BK® favourites from your mobile device, and we’ll deliver them to your doorstep (available in participating areas).
• Simple navigation – We’ve made it easier to find the most popular app features, including Vouchers, Delivery, and Restaurant Finder.
• Promotions at your fingertips – We’ll keep you posted about opportunities to save and the freshest additions to our menu.
• Improved restaurant finder – We’ve added even more filtering capabilities, so you can find the BK® restaurant that’s right for you.

BURGER KING® App - UK & IE APK reviews

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Daniel Craig review Daniel Craig
The app is constantly crashing on my s8+. All delivery postcodes given even in different areas the delivery option isn't available. Burger King is one of the biggest fast food chains in the UK however it seems the company is too concerned with profits over customer experience. I'm somewhat disappointed with the service, perhaps making investment into the development of the app including how the company can improve customer interaction and customer service. I am prepared to alter this review once improvements have been made and my experience has become better.
Nigel Coombes review Nigel Coombes
How can a company of this size run such an appalling application? It states that delivery isn't available to my address but the burger king riders deliver to my house when you use the "just eat app" ...ridiculous!...the app generally is extremely poor too! Don't waste your time installing it!
Analiza Kjaer review Analiza Kjaer
A complete rubbish app. For a big company like burger king surely they can fix this simple ordering app? Have they even tested it? It is not like they have a lot of food on the menu. I've wasted so much time trying to order 2 meals!
R A Bardy review R A Bardy
Not liking this one anymore -- it keeps insisting on access to my location and wants me to login with Facebook (with all other options greyed out). Breaking news peeps: not everyone has or wants a Facebook account, and why do you need my location if I'm going to show the person on the counter my voucher anyway? Don't want or need a 'personalised' service. Sort it or lose more customers, an easy choice I would've thought for a struggling company...?
Kyle Lewis review Kyle Lewis
App is fine. No extra vouchers for signing up. Doesn't tell you how much things are on the menu. And is really slow. But it does do what I ask it to. So yeah.. it's a 'meh' App. Also! Just repeats the same offers.
King Sakana review King Sakana
Quite a few problems; one it's been limited to one use per visit - this is terrible seeing as most people go with friends and family - and now having to order individually is both time consuming and inconvenient.. also terrible service in store when the app fails to load..it's as if it's the customers fault - when intact it's the new updated app..
A Google user review A Google user
Absolute rubbish, as it refuses to let me login. I've reset the password and it still says my login details are wrong. What a waste of my time. How can such a big company think this sort of pathetic attempt at an app is even remotely good enough?
Tom Firth review Tom Firth
Dreadfully optimised, will crash when loading up 9 times out of 10. Offers are the only thing good about it but why does it need phone permissions to get the codes, ridiculous!
A Google user review A Google user
My first ever review for an app. Why? Because it does not work. It used to work on my Cheap Doogee X5 but now on my Sony Z3 it wants to dial people. Why would a burger / food app need to access my phone to dial? Being an app developer myself, I cannot understand how BK have managed to create such a useless piece of 5h1t
Steve c review Steve c
Awful! Doesn't work properly. Times out won't let you sign in. I'm constantly having problems ordering via the app. It would be quicker for me to go to the store and order it then bring it back and eat it.
Scuzzy 100 review Scuzzy 100
Optimise the app for Android. It is horrible. I've tried logging in so many time and it still doesn't work. I've also tried resetting my password. To a not so big suprise it didn't work. Have an app which is useful or don't have an app at all Burger King.
Simon Ellis review Simon Ellis
Bloated Bookmark App! Unlike the burgers, it's a cheap and nasty experience. All it does is launch an internal browser to the usual delivery site. This then messes you about to capture as many details about you as possible until it tells you it can't deliver.
Rob D review Rob D
Not only does it not work, it will lock your phone up. For a company the size of BK, this is shocking! I'd be suing the developers. I had to walk out of a BK the other day, because this dire app wouldn't even start. I've tried it with 3 phones!
Mark Sutton review Mark Sutton
Constantly crashing on Android Oreo. Now negative than positive feedback with this app. Technical staff seem not to bother acting on user feedback. It did work once, however; this was quite some time ago.
Paul Redfern review Paul Redfern
None of the Burger Kings I went to accepted the (in date) vouchers. I used to go to Burger King but this has resolved me not to anymore. Well done great negative marketing!