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Get the royal treatment with the official BURGER KING® app! Earn rewards, access coupons, pre-order from your mobile device, and find your nearest BK® restaurant anytime, anywhere.

Specific features include:
* Rewards: Earn BK® Crowns with every dollar you spend, then redeem them for free food and drinks at participating New Zealand BURGER KING® restaurants. Plus, when you buy any four hot drinks, you’ll get a fifth, regular sized for free!
* App-Only Coupons: Access valuable coupons right from your phone. Use them at the counter or when ordering right from your phone. We refresh coupons frequently, so the savings never get old.
* Flaming Fast Mobile Ordering: Pre-order with the app, and avoid the line!
* Find Your BK®: Locate your nearest BURGER KING® restaurant. Use list-view or map-view searching, or filter by store features and distance.
* Menu: Explore your BK® favourites and discover our freshest menu additions.

For the best customer experience, please be sure to enable Location Services when you first launch the app.

BURGER KING® App - New Zealand APK reviews

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rita newton review rita newton
Paying for my meal and it's ready when I get there. I awesome love it
Craig Harrison review Craig Harrison
I've hd lots off free food due to the app so I'm happy However, the screen refreshes too much and I don't know why it needs to. It also takes longer for my food to be ready as they take the coupon number at where I collect the food then they process the order. I have an S7 so fortunately the app is fast. I've used the app on an iPhone 4s and it was slooooooooooooow enough to give up trying. Overall, I appreciate the occasional free food.
Cam Romeril review Cam Romeril
Lies and deception
The rewards are great but the vouchers are a crook of lies! In direct contravention of New Zealand's Fair Trading Act the so called vouchers offer no savings over the displayed prices behind the counter! You're misleading your costumers and breaking the law!
Kevin777 review Kevin777
Has its issues
The used to be unusable, but it has improved a lot. My biggest problem with the app is the coupons expire in only 15min. Now that wouldn't be a problem if going through the drive thru at my local BK didn't normally take 10-20min... Waiting that long at FAST food place is bad enough, but having the coupons expire before you use them just adds to it!
Nomanul Karim review Nomanul Karim
I don't know why it needs access to my location and constantly ask for it. I can manually put in a city and it should show the offers as applicable. And the offers are no different than what you get over the counter. Deceptions
Sophia Harry review Sophia Harry
Managed to use points once
BK means well but the app needs A LOT of work done, the inconvenience on the cashiers faces whilst waiting for this app to connect on the wifi, figure out where you are and then actually give a code is.... Well, I uninstalled the app, says it all.
Michael Fulcher review Michael Fulcher
Where is the crown points history? Needs to be a way to bring back the 'walked in' screen. Sometimes it fails to bring up the correct list of restaurants when attempting to order.
Sushanth Boddireddy review Sushanth Boddireddy
Redeem at counter doesn't work
Scott Mcmurtrie review Scott Mcmurtrie
Just a little slow on checkouts otherwise mint
Deepak Singh review Deepak Singh
This is the worst app I have ever used. Placed an order and the restaurant didn't get it. The app crashes, it's clunky and if the main functionality which is to order food doesn't work then there is no point in using it. Pay proper developers the money to create an app that actually works because this app and the previous versions were absolutely pathetic. Someone is sleeping on their job at Bk.
Drake Remoray review Drake Remoray
You legitimately cannot place an order or add anything to your cart. Even the menu doesn't load unless you give location access. Why would a burger app need access to my contacts and make phone calls. Garbage
A Google user review A Google user
The New Update Works for me quite well, except with the mobile ordering or using / redeeming any of the Coupons / Crowns, only works within the time, the front counter (Restaurant) is open. If that is closed but drive thru is open, The APP will not work at all. Stating the Restaurant is closed. Edit: 30 mins before the Restaurant closes but drive thru is still open. It states the Restaurant is closing unable to order. It's fast food. It takes 3-4 mins to make a meal. So I do question why you can't order within 30 mins
Russell Rutherford review Russell Rutherford
It used to be good, but it's unusable since the latest update. The app has location permissions on my phone, but it gives me errors about the location. My reward points are on hold until someone bothers to fix this issue, but the latest update has been out for around three weeks now.
Simon Nicolson review Simon Nicolson
consistant online requirement to access content. Recorded GPS data. Fails in its basic function of purchase goods, often fails location, records location data, friends close data. 80% fail on gps makes app completely unusable
Carey Stevens review Carey Stevens
App no longer works after recent update. Fails location permissions despite having permission. Request permission to access contacts, handles etc have pushed the data grab too far. No longer worth it. Happily uninstalled