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BaBe - Baca Berita
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BaBe (Baca Berita)

BaBe delivers 24/7 news from many trustworthy sources. It is the best news app for Android.

Top Features:
# Untukmu - With the sophisticated personalization technology, BaBe delivers news that suits your need.
# Artikel untuk Kamu - BaBe recommends articles according to what you have read before.
# Video - Watch hundreds of funny and inspirational videos without searching the titles.
# Search - Look for the news you would like to read by typing the keyword.
# Give comments and discuss the news with millions of BaBe users.
# Choose news categories you prefer in Category Tab.
# BaBe provides more than 20 categories: Politik, Tekno & Gadget, Hiburan, Sepakbola, Film, Bisnis Ekonomi, Internasional, Anime, Kpop, and many more.
Get the most updated, unending streaming news in BaBe - Baca Berita
Download BaBe, the best, free android app.

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Youtube Channel: BaBe – Baca Berita ( )

Required Permissions:
* WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE (To save image into SD Card)
* READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE (To read cache from SD Card)
* GET_ACCOUNTS (To get user account for login if user wants to do social interaction)
* ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION (To personalize the news feed based on location)

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BaBe - Baca Berita APK reviews

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Furqon Ramdhan review Furqon Ramdhan
Tampilannya bagus. Sangat suka.
Bunda Hadziq review Bunda Hadziq
Simple tapi komplit .. ga rempong
raden tabrani review raden tabrani
Simple tp berisi
Ong Lilis Surjanti review Ong Lilis Surjanti
Top buat babe
Renjie Abarae review Renjie Abarae
Oke, berita2ny bagus n ringan dibaca sambil nyantai.. Gud job
Indra Rismanto review Indra Rismanto
Good news
Ok bacanya
Ade McLaren review Ade McLaren
Up To Date
Tetep Up To Date Dan Gak Ribet :)
Rey nolda review Rey nolda
Fitur cari
Mau tanya dong kok sampe sekarang fitur 'cari berita' ga pernah bisa di pake yah? Gimana caranya biar bisa?
maria ulfah review maria ulfah
Ok punya
Babe news
dani firdaus review dani firdaus
Yup nice
Beritanye up to date mantabh
Faridi Sofyan review Faridi Sofyan
Oke bgt!! Ringan tp informatif.. untuk local news tambah lg kotanya..jd personal touchnya lbh kerasa..
Bambang Juanda review Bambang Juanda
Super komplit..
Leena Crono review Leena Crono
Beritanya bagus, lebih beragam drpd D* tampilan menunya agak kurang bagus. Mgk kalo bisa diperbagus lg, minat org baca berita jd smakin brtmbah Be..
Rio Risdianto review Rio Risdianto
Mempermudah nyari info..